• Know SECURed

    It is a powerful anti-accident system that offers real-time driver behaviour monitoring and alerts for inappropriate driving behaviours affecting the safety.This IoT solution checks whether the driver is attentive on the road and also assists them to undertake safe driving practices.

What does it offer?

  • 1.Forward Collision Warning (FCW) -

    The system warns the driver for the expected frontal collision based on the speed and distance of both the vehicles.

  • 2. Headway Monitoring Warning (HMW) -

    The system checks the distance with the vehicle in front real-time, and it estimates and alerts the driver for the collision that can occur if the front vehicle brakes suddenly.

  • 3.Lane Departure Warning (LDW) -

    The system detects the lanes on the road. It prevents road accidents by warning the driver regarding unintentional deviation from the marked lane.

  • 4. Driver Monitoring System -

    The Driver Monitoring System (DMS) camera will identify the driver’s abnormal behaviours, such as fatigued driving, distracted driving, smoking, making telephone calls, drinking water, and not wearing a seat belt.

How does it benefit you?

  • Asset Safety from theft

  • Improve driving behaviour

  • Optimise fleet performance

  • Fast asset recovery

  • Maximise vehicle safety as well as driver safety

  • Real-time driver monitoring

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