• The ability to locate vehicles & optimise delivery schedules using telematics systems is key to the success of fleets operating within the FMCG industry. Reduces your overheads of storing and transporting inventory with us!

    A Surat based FMCG company was facing alot of challenges with its transportation of perishable goods and was incurring losses due to rejection of food due to its bad quality. With our Temperature Monitoring system and PROTECTed, we helped them :

How We Helped

Before using ANS

  • Improper route selection
  • Improper asset management
  • No route planning
  • No safety standards
  • Lack of customer satisfaction due to bad quality of products
  • Lack of temperature control

After using ANS

  • Maximise Vehicle Utilisation
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Superior route planning
  • Door Open/Close status alerts
  • Improved customer satisfaction due to fresh and usable condition of products
  • Live temperature monitoring
  • 90%

    efficient route planning

  • 85%

    increase in customer satisfaction

  • 85%

    safety assurance