My Pin

  • What is MyPin?

    A personal tracking solution that protects your loved ones against many uncertain dangers like kidnapping, loss, etc. Tiny personal GPS tracker allows you to track every movement of your loved ones and offers peace of mind.With PIN, you can ensure the safety of your children, teenagers, aged parents, siblings, family members, and your loved ones.

What does it offer?

  • 1.Real-time Tracking -

    Track or locate your family, friends, employees remotely in real-time from your smartphone.

  • 2. Geofence -

    Create geographical boundaries for the person, and the system will generate alerts every time he/she enters or exits the geofence areas.

  • 3.SOS -

    If an individual that is in danger presses the SOS/panic button, it will send real-time alerts with the complete location details of the concerned person.

  • 4. Speed Alerts -

    Set your speed limit and get alerts every time the speed goes above the limit.

  • 5. Historical Data -

    Get access to the previous tracking data with playback so that you never miss any incident.

How does it benefit you?

  • Protection from kidnapping or getting lost

  • 24/7 live location monitoring

  • Inform immediately in case of any danger

  • Offers peace of mind

  • Easy to install

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