Logistics & Shipping

  • Drive 25% more productively with us! We focus on the major element of Logistics that is Transport. Automate your entire delivery operations in the most effective way. Plan,execute and monitor the transport of your goods the way you want.

    A spice company based in Mumbai had a peculiar demand for its transport vehicles which were used for transportation of products from manufacturing units to different clients. The problems they faced were regarding lack of contact with drivers, time mismanagement and delivery mismanagement. With our solution PROTECTed and E-locks, we helped them :

How We Helped

Before using ANS

  • Unable to track delivery vehicles
  • No contact with drivers
  • Unable to manage timely deliveries
  • Lack of Security
  • No pre-planned routes

After using ANS

  • Live-Location Tracking
  • Proper coordination with drivers
  • Multi stop route plan to ensure timely delivery of shipments
  • Ensuring Shipment Security
  • Geofencing by adding a layer of pre-planned points
  • 95%

    on-time deliveries

  • 100%

    shipment security

  • 85%

    efficient route plans