A software category for your basic tracking needs. Best solution for the small to medium businesses that require vehicle safety with minimum insights.



Real-time Tracking

Track or locate your vehicles in real-time when they are out for the assigned job.


Create geographical boundaries for your vehicles, and the system will generate alerts every time the vehicle enters or exits the geofence areas.

Point Of Interest (POI)

Allows you to add markers at locations, such as gas stations, hotels, hospitals, etc.


Analyse all the trips of your vehicle with the auto-generated standard reports.

Vehicle Immobilisation

You can remotely switch ON/OFF the vehicle’s engine from your mobile application in case of vehicle theft or misuse.


The system keeps you notified with every small and big event happening during the trip by sending real-time alerts or notifications.

Maintenance Reminder

Provides you timely reminders for the driver’s licence, PUC, etc. before it expires for all the vehicles added in the system.