Hire & Rental

  • Lower your operational cost with better map data & monitor your fleets on a real-time basis with us! Improve your productivity by controlling fuel expense, managing your assets and ensuring safety and security features.

    A Mumbai based company which is into Hire & Rental, uses its cars for renting and to keep record of each car with each activity was a very tedious job. With our solution PROTECTed and OPTIMISed, we helped them :

How We Helped

Before using ANS

  • Improper route selection
  • Improper asset management
  • Unable to track cars
  • No fuel records
  • No Location accuracy

After using ANS

  • Optimised route planning
  • Proper asset management
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Three - layered reports of fuel
  • Creating geofence
  • 100%

    driving accuracy

  • 15-20%

    reduction in fuel cost

  • 90%

    route optimisation