My Tag

  • What is MyTag?

    A bluetooth device that would ensure you never lose an important item unattended. A mini device that can be attached to any important possession of yours, eg-Keys, Phone, Wallet, Luggage. Making your life stress free and very convenient.

What does it offer?

  • 1.Find your Phone-

    Click the button on the device and the alarm would ring on your phone.

  • 2.Find your device-

    This easy alternative helps you search your device with a click.

  • 3.Separation alarm-

    Whenever the distance between the device and phone would exceed the range of bluetooth, you would be updated with a notification.

  • 4.SOS-

    By pressing the S0S button thrice, call would be placed to your emergency contact.Moreover, a message with the last known location of the device would be send to the concerned person.

  • 5. Access to the last location-

    You can get access to the last location of the device on the app.This way you can know where exactly you lost your device.

  • 6.Allows multiple connections-

    You can connect as many as 6 devices on your MyTag app.

  • 7. Safe Area Network-

    If you wish to deactivate alerts when you are at your safe place i.e, home or office, you could simply add its wifi network to the Safe Area Network. This way you could turn off alerts and avoid distractions.

  • 8.Sound alerts even in silent mode-

    Your phone would ring at the maximum ringer sound even when it’s on silent mode.

How does it benefit you?

  • Anti-theft and anti-lost

  • Two-way alerts.

  • Distance alerts

  • Easy to install.

  • Compact in size

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