Tours & Travel

  • Telematics in this sector allows companies and fleet managers to track each vehicle in their fleet at all times through a single dashboard. By offering a Vehicle Tracking System, telematics enables companies to reduce their transportation system inefficiencies and avoid malpractices and unwanted stops by drivers.

    A Surat based Tours & Travels company was facing problem in keeping a check on their buses and their drivers and maintaining their fuel records regarding fuel refill and fuel usage. With our solution PROTECTed, OPTIMISed, Driver Monitoing System and ADAS, we helped them :

How We Helped

Before using ANS

  • Improper route selection
  • Improper asset management
  • No location accuracy
  • No fuel records
  • No visuals of driving

After using ANS

  • Optimised route planning
  • Proper asset management
  • Adding a geofence layer by creating points
  • Three - layered reports of fuel
  • Ensuring driving behaviour with DMS & ADAS
  • 90%

    driving accuracy

  • 15-20%

    reduction in fuel cost

  • 90%

    route optimisation