Field Sales & Services

  • We will manage your employee time so you don’t have to.Be anywhere around the world and get full visibility of your sales and service teams! Bring a proper work order management system.

    A surat based bakery with more than 180+ outlets was facing difficulties in managing their on-field sales executives and their activities.

How We Helped

Before using ANS

  • No proper records of task
  • Sales Mismanagement
  • Employee Dissatisfaction
  • No idea about Employee’s Location
  • No format of managing expense
  • Manual Attendance & Leave status

After using ANS

  • Proper Task Management
  • Ensuring Higher Sales
  • Happy Employees
  • Real-time Location
  • Proper Expense Management
  • Digital management of attendance & leave status
  • 100%

    efficiency in business

  • 90%

    employee location accuracy

  • 100%

    employee satisfaction