One Premium


How does it benefit you?

Trip Classification

Categorise the trips into different types to analyze the trips better.

On-Board Diagnosis

Monitor vehicle’s health using DTCs and rectify errors remotely.

Inventory Management

Know the stock level daily with the easy handling of inventory.

Payment Module

Manage billings, generate invoices, and also transfer the payables.

Video Monitoring

Enjoy live video and audio streaming of fleet by connecting MDVR.

Tour/Job Control

Minimize misuse and optimize performance by fleet tour management.



Field Employee Management Software
Know Task eye

An ultimate task management software used for task management and field staff monitoring. Actually,work productivity is the key to success in any business.TaskEye gives you the opportunity to access tasks and to-do lists at any time from anywhere.

How does it benefit you?

1 . Arrange all data at one place to easily access the required data – Plan your task summary, view tasks on geographical location, set online/offline status as per requirement.

2 . Task Execution- Execute your tasks as planned and verify them by going through the completion report.

3. Employees Expenses – Monitor the expenses with TaskEye.

4 . Leave Management – Manage your employees’ leave in the easiest ways.

5 . Performance Management – Provides key analytics to get an exact idea of your employee performance.


School Bus Management Software
Know Smartbus

Identifying your worries and working on them is what we focus on. Your child’s safety is in our hands.A reliable school bus tracking & management software that provides real-time visibility of students during transit.SmartBus generates trips, lets you see how long the bus spends at each stop, notifies delays, records attendance, and more

How does it benefit you?

1 . Trip Planning – Empowering bus managers to maximise bus utility and lower fuel cost by planning beeline routes. It will help in creating school bus trip based on student pic-up and drop points.

2 . Configurable Alerts – Best for parents! Know about when the bus is approaching and get updates about any onboard emergencies.

3. Set Violations – Know when the bus is over-speeding, harsh-braking or idling.

4 . QR Code & RFID Systems – Save time by opting this system to take student’s attendance.



Logistics Management Software
Know Logytrak

A transportation management software that helps you with routing, dispatching, and warehousing. If you are focusing on cutting down the cost, this is the sign for you

How does it benefit you?

1 . Advance trip analysis –Helps to beat competition by organising transport business with LogyTrak. Improve your customer service by minimising cost and risk factor.

2 . Driving Performance – Driver of a particular asset can verify all the documents online after managing all activity. Rate the driving performance keeping in mind the driver’s behaviour.

3. Transporter Analysis – It is useful when multiple transporter services are used. Analyse each and every fleet as per their number,location & origin of transportation.

4 . Connecting fleets – Allows the companies to be in touch with all the transportation fleet running around the world.



Waste Management Software
Know Smart Waste

Waste management is an all-year-round concern for every community. A municipal agency or a subcontractor, likewise, needs to keep their garbage collection vehicles and workforce operating at utmost capacities. A falling through in this industry means increased road debris, foul smell, health hazards, and unhappy citizens. But we are here to make sure this doesn’t happen.

How does it benefit you?

1 . TRIP MODULE – Monitor everyday collection trips with trip module feature.

2 . Collection points – Create and regulate POI’s to stay updated about the collection points.

3. Real-Time Tracking – Track trucks which are in collection process to have a complete view of the whole process

4 . System Notification – Get notified about when trash is collected from a particular point and Violation alerts are generated for the missed points.