How vehicle tracking reports can help small business.

Transportation industry faces several challenges like delays due to traffic jams, reckless driver behaviour such as excessive idling, heavy acceleration, and hard braking etc. These challenges can be overcome by using a vehicle tracking system as it ensures a safety-focused fleet management approach.

Vehicle Tracking System plays a vital role in effective management and monitoring of the fleets. The unique and multipurpose technology uses Global Positioning System (GPS) to streamline the fleet operations by providing them proper reports regarding every detail of the fleets.

Vehicle Tracking System at ANS

Having the knowledge about a vehicle’s location is extremely important. GPS vehicle tracking system of ANS will help to run your operations more effectively, putting more money in your pocket.

The reports that we provide at ANS not only gives you information about route data but also guides you with every little detail of your vehicle. Data such as:

  • Vehicle Overview- Covers details about mileage, operating time, excessive stops, idling time, start and end time
  • Maintenance reports-Informs about what maintenance are due and what maintenance has been performed
  • Fuel mileage report –Gives estimate about a fuel usage of a vehicle in particular period of time and also offers real-time sharing
  • Driver behaviour- Monitor & control the driver’s behaviour by alerting them regarding harsh braking, turning or accelerating
  • Current & historical performance-It helps you in analysing and optimising your vehicle’s current performance with the past performance.

These are a few areas we cover in our reports. We also provide fully customisable reports that can be modified according to your business needs & requirements. If you are not already looking out for these areas, start today with ANS.


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