Tours & Travel

Telematics in this sector allows companies and fleet managers to track each vehicle in their fleet at all times through a single dashboard. By offering a Vehicle Tracking System, telematics Tours & Travel

Logistics & Shipping

Drive 25% more productively with us! We focus on the major element of Logistics that is Transport. Automate your entire delivery operations in the most effective way. Plan,execute and monitor Logistics & Shipping

Fleet Management

Maximise your efficiency, increase your productivity and improve safety of your vehicles and drivers with us! This can be achieved using a combination of vehicle tracking reports, reports on fuel Fleet Management

Hire & Rental

Lower your operational cost with better map data & monitor your fleets on a real-time basis with us! Improve your productivity by controlling fuel expense, managing your assets and ensuring Hire & Rental

Oil & Gas

When it comes to the Oil & Gas Industry, we are very well aware that fleets are just not a means of transporting a product but some companies rely on Oil & Gas

Waste & Recycling

Access valuable information that can improve the operations of your waste management fleet. You can monitor your fleet in real-time and assess your operation’s data to improve your routes, minimise Waste & Recycling

Passenger Transport

Passenger safety is very important and we make sure we are able to offer safe and reliable services by monitoring driver habits. A leading company that deals in passenger transport Passenger Transport


When it comes to construction sites, there are multiple construction fleets on different sites and to maintain each fleet record and ensure their maintenance is one tough task. With proper Construction


In the field of agriculture, telematics enables agricultural stakeholders to perform vehicular and machinery monitoring in the farm and on the road and also collect information relating to machines and Agriculture