Why is it important to optimize your fuel management?

Effective and optimized transportation solutions are more in demand than ever. Reason it for
Globalization, increased accessibility, or exponentially growing businesses, transportation has
become an integral part of commencing the regular business activity.

To simplify it even further, apples of Kashmir available in the South or spices of Maharashtra available in the East are some of the minutest examples of how transportation is at the root of a smoothly functioning economy.  Transport and smart transport solutions are amongst the fastest growing industries of 2020. In fact, the growth is not going to see a droop anywhere in near future. Telematics and IoT have found a crucial hold in the transport industry.

With a fleet of hundreds and thousands of vehicles, it becomes crucial for companies to have a fuel monitoring system that can help them optimize their fuel usage. Fuel theft, fuel drainage, and non- optimised driving behavior are some of the serious issues. Addressing these issues can save companies from unnecessary wastage of fuel expenses.

Here’s why you need OPTIMISed for efficient fuel management.

1. Precision in fuel monitoring. 

You can monitor the levels of fuel consumption with real-time tracking. Know the accurate fuel level of any day at any given time for any given location. Through remote monitoring, you can study the consumption of fuel when a vehicle is on move.

2. Prevention of fuel theft. 

Fuel theft has become a norm but it shouldn’t be. Each month companies suffer the unaccounted loss of thousands and lakhs of rupees because of fuel theft. Well, with sensor alerts you would be alarmed every time there is a threshold or unexpected downfall in fuel levels.

3. Monitor the fuel lost while standing idle. 

While there is no cent percent accuracy in measuring the fuel wastage while the vehicle stands idle, through OPTIMISed you can get an idea of approximate fuel wastage. Using that data as a parameter you can optimize the routes and trips, which would reduce fuel wastage.

4. Reduction in extra fuel expense. 

With precise monitoring, you can plan refueling accurately. You can study the charts and trends to make an informed decision. This would bring down the fuel expenses considerably.
Fun fact- One of our esteemed clients saw a reduction of 35% in their monthly fuel consumption.

5. Generated Fuel reports. 

You can analyze the fuel consumption of every single vehicle as well as fleet and get an overview of fuel usage, fuel burns, and drooped fuel levels. You can compare the actual fuel consumption with the standard value and determine the health of your fleet. Moreover, you can establish fuel trends with the help of available historical data.

All in all, monitoring your fuel is not an optional choice. It’s the crucial need of an hour to save your business from unaccounted expenses and thefts.

The demand for a fuel monitoring system in India is increasing at an unprecedented rate. At ANS IT, we are happiest to serve you with fuel consumption optimization solutions.
So have you OPTIMISed your vehicular fleet yet?

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