Video telematics makes your fleet safer

Nowadays, video tracking is usually seen almost everywhere such as workplaces, shops, malls, hospitals, roads, society, etc. In telematics, video tracking is being used for more than a decade by the fleet managers but the systems haven’t been widely adopted. But now this year will usher in a new wave of technology and solutions that will help fleet managers reduce risky driver behavior in a smarter and safer way than ever before.

Video telematics as a product category has many advantages and helps fleet managers to improve driving practice. Collected footage from a collision can arm fleet managers against potentially fraudulent legal claims or increase awareness about risky driving.


Fleet managers of delivery companies, trucking companies, and other commercial fleets can use video snippets to exonerate falsely accused drivers of causing the collision. Video telematics systems are primed to answer important questions such as “Was the driver alert?”, “Did any object interfere with his line of vision?” or “Who was at fault?”


Video can be a powerful training tool used to coach drivers and perfect their skills. It offers real-time coaching and the Fleet managers can use the snippets and associated telematics driving data to create driver scorecards or support a legal case.


Video coaching helps in training drivers that consequently reduces the rate of collision. Thus, it reduces vehicle damage and low insurance premiums and also protects fleet managers against false claims.


The combination of video and data empowers fleet managers to have complete control of their company’s reputation and profitability while protecting their most valuable assets — their drivers. It offers drivers to practice safe habits, such as following speed limits, avoiding distractions, wearing a seatbelt, etc.

Basic telematics is useful for some scenarios, but adding video telematics to the mix creates significantly more value. Unlike other telematics systems, video telematics systems show not only what happened, but also why it happened. Are you looking for implementing a video tracking system? Know more about the system and how it can streamline your fleet management operations from the Telematics Experts.

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