Vessel tracking- Save the fuel that’s worth in Gold

In the 21st century, fuel is the new Gold. It’s a resource depleting at an unprecedented rate and at the same time resource whose prices are increasing faster than Gold. Now, in industries like transport and logistic, where fuel constitutes the prime costs of business, one cannot afford to be negligent towards the usage of fuel. Moreover, when fuel theft becomes a common norm, it becomes crucial to invest in technology that facilitates vehicle/vessel tracking and fuel monitoring. 

If we speak of the shipping industry in particular, we are considering fuel consumption in hundreds and thousands of liters. Fuel theft in such cases would lead to losses that wouldn’t show well on your balance sheet. Well, before we jump to numbers, let’s refer to a practical example. 

We offered a fuel monitoring solution to one of our clients in the shipping industries, and here’s all you need to know, to make an informed choice for yourself. 

Problems faced by our client. 

This company in particular had a hold of 50 barge vessels. Now, when we speak of barges, we are referring to fuel storage capacities of 10-15k liters, divided across the primary and secondary tanks. The fuel in secondary tanks is used once the primary tank depletes. So, keeping a regular tab on the fuel levels of these tanks is quite infeasible. 

Further, each trip of the barge, more or less utilized nearly 300 liters of fuels. Considering, the barge made 10 trips a month, the monthly fuel consumption of each barge was nearly 3000 liters. Most of the time, the company remained unaware of the fuel thefts, which usually spanned in the range of hundreds of liters. 

In such a circumstance, a fuel monitoring system was a pressing need that this company faced. 

The solution offered by ANS IT.

We addressed the pressing need to regulate fuel thefts with our fuel monitoring system- OPTIMIZed. OPTIMIZed is a combination of hardware, sensors, and software, to ensure optimum fuel monitoring.

We installed a fuel rod in each tank along with a GPS tracker for each barge. This facilitated live tracking. Further, we offered Trakzee software allowing them to keep a tab on vessel details. From location tracking to fuel consumption and fuel reports, our client can access every detail through this software. 

With a fuel monitoring system, alerts were sent whenever a sudden reduction in fuel or threshold was detected. Consistent monitoring of fuel levels, allowed this company to prevent the occurrence of fuel thefts. 

Outcomes of offering a fuel monitoring system. 

We helped them optimize fuel usage by reducing the possibility of fuel theft and by bringing down fuel consumption and thereby costs. We were successful in helping them achieve this endeavor and here are the results.  

  • In the first month itself, the company saw a reduction in 20% fuel consumption. Considering the above data of 3000 liters of monthly usage, fuel saved behind each barge was nearly 600 liters. 

This is just the data for 1 barge. We offered OPTIMIZed for 5 barges and one can easily calculate the fuel saved altogether. 

  • Live tracking enabled them to keep a tab on fleets whenever they were in the middle of oceans, getting the work done. 
  • In the case of No- network, data could be recorded which was further used for analysis, insights, and decision making. 

Now, let’s talk numbers. After all, numbers persuade actions, right? 

Price per liter of Diesel          – 85 Rs

Quantity of total fuel saved    – 3000  (5 barges)

Price of 3000 L Diesel           – 2,55,000 Rs.

In one month itself, the company saved 2,55,000 Rs on fuel usage. We are yet not adding the unaccounted benefits it earned through live tracking of barges when it’s collecting/transporting consignments worth crores and crores of Rupees. Now, if we were to offer this solution for 50 of their barges, the amount saved by them would be nearing 25 Lakhs.

We hope these figures are persuasive enough to help you make a call. 

In synopsis, fuel costs affect profitability to a large extent. Why would you not invest in technology that could help bring down the costs of fuel considerably? 

Well, we are here to help you improve the profitability of your business. If you are willing to listen to us, connect with us, and allow us to find a feasible solution to your vessel tracking problems. 

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