Top 5 advanced safety features of tracking system

It is very clear that “Tracking means Safety” but do you know how the tracking systems ensure Safety? To know about the safety features offered by the tracking solutions, you need to figure out the problem first. Suppose, you wake up in the morning and unable to find your car at the parking. What if you came to know your driver had misused your vehicle last night but you don’t have any proof. There are many more cases where the tracking system works like a miracle when it saves you against big damages.

Let’s know more about the amazing facts about the safety features that make you feel protected for everybody and everything.

Panic Button – SOS

The panic button, either in-built or separately attachable with the tracking device, is used to alert that people are in a potential emergency that is dangerous to life or property. Usually, panic buttons are found in use at public bus transportation, school buses, personal tracking, etc. 

Remote Immobilization

This special feature empowers users with the command to turn ON and OFF their vehicle’s ignition remotely by their smartphones. In case of theft or misuse, the vehicle owner can shutdown the vehicle and easily get it back. As a precaution, you can also turn off the ignition when parking in an unfamiliar area or leaving the vehicle for a prolonged period which gives you peace of mind.

Live Video Streaming

Best for passenger safety and asset safety, tracking solutions provide video and audio recording as well as live streaming. The dual camera used for video tracking offers both inside and outside views of the vehicle whether it is parked or moving. Collected footage of vehicle collision can arm fleet managers against potentially fraudulent legal claims or increase awareness about risky driving.

Parking Mode

It is an inbuilt anti-theft safety feature, when enabled, informs the user if someone starts the vehicle which is being parked. You just need to turn ON the Parking Mode when your vehicle is parked, that’s it. The system will automatically generate siren or alarm when it marks engine speed, making you aware of the same.

E-Lock Tracking

With the aim of a safe asset, this solution is developed. It is not only a GPS tracker to trace containers remotely (location, speed and more), but also an intelligent electronic lock to control container door (close/open) remotely. Specially designed for container tracking & control remotely, it is a good solution for container management.

This is how tracking solutions ensure safety, either it is for the child, family,  vehicle, fleet, asset, etc. To know more about it, you can reach us with your queries at [email protected]

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