The new way of staying CONNECTed with your vehicular health.

Gone are the days when you had to make an impromptu visit to your mechanic with no clue of
what’s wrong with your vehicle. Well, we have all been there. The mechanic taking long 3-5 days to analyze what’s wrong with your car and then coming up with a long generated bill of expenses you wouldn’t understand.

Well, times have changed and one of the things that this tech-driven world has gifted us with
is Telematics. We are tracking the devices we never thought were possible right through the touch of our fingertips. The technology of today cannot be contained merely in its tracking ability. And Vehicular health monitoring system is one such example of our advanced dynamics.

So what exactly is CONNECTed and why is this Vehicle tracking system- VTS important for you? With CONNECTed you can monitor the real-time health of your vehicle thereby reducing its unexpected downtime. Equipped with an Onboard diagnostic system; OBD-II, this smart vehicle health monitor would help you diagnose the problems in your vehicle through sensor-generated alerts.


1. It helps in the real-time tracking of your vehicle. 

Track your fleet or individual vehicles while they are out there on the road; getting your job done. Our mini tracking devices are easy to install and would ensure vehicle safety from theft. Enjoy the live vehicle Location monitoring and free yourself from the constant state of worry.


2. Be alerted with our range of Diagnostic trouble codes.

Identify the root cause of faults in your vehicle and address them before it takes the form of some serious problem. Our diagnostic trouble codes would help you identify abnormal casualty occurring in your vehicle and would help you avail timely help.


3. Allows remote vehicle diagnostics. 

Since you cannot be with your fleet everywhere and it’s practically impossible to keep a tab on the vehicular health of each vehicle under your control, remote diagnostics could be of ample help to you. You can diagnose trouble points in your vehicle remotely, thereby preventing large
maintenance costs on unexpected breakdowns.


4. Get timely health reports at your fingertips. 

You can gather sensor data of your vehicle through CONNECTed. Get insights into your fuel pressure, oxygen sensor, engine temperature, battery voltage level, engine running time, etc. You can also get detailed health reports to make informed decisions.

All in all, CONNECTed is here to connect you with your vehicular health experiences. You don’t need to remain clueless with technical jargon next time. We are here to offer simplistic yet comprehensive solutions to your vehicular health problems.

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