Surprising features of waste collection tracking system 2019

Telematics technology used to serve Government Sector either it is for public transportation or sanitation distribution, or any other, it should be enough effective to increase efficiency, comfort, and safety in daily activities and to make the whole processing smoother.

Nowadays, we can see the excess use of GPS tracking System in the Government sector, even in Waste Collection. It ensures that all the waste collection points are covered by garbage collecting vehicle. But there is much more apart from this. Here, you get the answer of which features in the Waste Collection Tracking System makes it more effective.

Complete Garbage Collection Management

The tracking system also works as a management system which not only ensures all the collection points are covered but also helps in managing waste collection fleet operations. With Garbage Truck Live Tracking, it offers automatic route changing options and informing the Garbage Authority about the same.

Geo-fence and POI planning

The Waste Collection Tracking system features route planning which helps the operator in defining Geo-fences and POI during creating routes. This will give real-time alerts when a garbage vehicle enters or exits the Geo-fences and when it will reach the POIs.

Free Alerts and SMS Gateways

Alerts for various events like entering or exit of POI and geo-fence, missed POI, unplanned routes, unauthorized stoppage and many other activities are generated by the system for the better assistance of waste collection management.

Daily Reporting to Garbage Authority

The Transport Manager, responsible for Daily Reporting to Garbage Authority in a uniform format generated by the System regarding Garbage collection related activities. There is only One point of contact for all Garbage Collection needs, thus, eliminating all the confusions and delivering quick solutions.

Hassle free Control Room Setup

Each Ward or Zone is benefited with Control Room Setup with dedicated Transport Manager responsible for managing daily Garbage Collection activities like sending spare vehicles, managing route changes or vehicle changes occurred due to emergency and sending appropriate details to Zone Supervisor as well as Garbage Authority with the help of Application.

Apart from these, the system provides many more features, such as vehicle Maintenance and Fleet management which help to reduce the risk of theft and misuse of garbage trucks or vehicle. The System updates are also available from time to time to update the society with new features.

This is how the waste collection tracking system provides the best features to waste collection organizations and streamlines the whole garbage collection process. If you have any query regarding this, you can know from the Telematics Experts.

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