Student tracking with school bus management

When it comes to schools, education and safety are perhaps the most important things to reconsider. When the parents trust the school with the education of their child they also put the responsibility for their safety over them. The school in order to withhold that trust needs to be proactive in creating a safe atmosphere not only within the school but in other concerning aspects too. Such as a safe commute to and from school and home. 

Tracking isn’t intrusive, especially when it’s the safety of students we are speaking of. Tracking is quintessential in such a case. It’s more urgent than ever for schools to adopt tracking solutions for better school bus management and the secured safety of their students. When you put the priority cap on students’ safety, you address the prime parents’ concern which in turn would lead to the enhanced brand image of your school. 

Every year we hear of news where a school bus meets with an accident and a number of innocent ones lose their lives. With more and more vehicles on the road, the concerns of parents regarding their children’s safety are completely viable. And let alone leave accidents, wouldn’t it be better if parents can track the school buses their child is traveling in; rather than being engrossed in worries. 

Well, student tracking through optimized school bus management is more important than ever. Here’s why you need to get an optimized tracking system for your school. 

1. Route optimization.

With a proper tracking system in action, you get to plan the routes effectively so as to save fuel costs in the long run. It’s manually impossible to plan the routes effectively. A tracking system helps in reoptimizing the route automatically without any complex derivatives. Moreover, an institute, driver as well as parents can know with certainty the route and ETA of students at school and home. 

2. Peace of mind. 

Be it the school or the parents, both are bound to feel stressed when the students are out there on roads. With real-time tracking solutions, both school and parents can find peace of mind. Parents can know exactly where their child has reached and how much time would they take to arrive safely. 

This peace of mind is underrated. In reality, parents cannot focus on their daily chores and work when their children are not around them. 

3. Saves time. 

Parents can save their time instead of waiting unnecessarily at the pickup locations. Through tracking solutions, they would get intimates for the ETA. This way they can save their time by reaching the pickup locations on time. 

Similarly, schools can expect to gain better time management. With timely alerts, students would reach their pickup location on time. And, the bus won’t have to wait unnecessarily. 

4. Monitored driving behaviors. 

It’s important that school buses are equipped with ADAS so as to avoid the casualties of accidents. When a driver knows they are being monitored, they make a conscious effort of driving safely and securely. Be it over speeding, rash driving, lethargic behavior, or infringing traffic rules, there are innumerous reasons that can lead to casualty on road. ADAS would address such driving patterns and would ensure the safe commute of students.

5. Saves cost. 

If you thought tracking to be expensive, not tracking your school bus would be costlier. With a tracking system, you can optimize the routes which in turn would help to save costs. Further, a fuel monitoring system would help bring down the fuel overheads. Moreover, the vehicular health monitoring system would help to bring down the occurrence of untimely ruptures. All in all, a tracking solution can help bring down the costs considerably. 

To sum it all, student tracking through school bus management is the quintessential need of an hour. Addressing the safety concern of students should be the priority of every school. And, at ANS IT India, we are here to help you achieve your priority in the most simplistic way possible. For problems of every kind, we have a solution. Let us help you solve your problem.

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