Temperature Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring An ultimate solution for temperature monitoring that helps you to monitor the real-time temperature of your refrigerated vehicle in real-time remotely on our IoT platform.


Tire Pressure Monitoring System Accurate readings of tire pressure of all your fleets in a single system!

My Tag

What is MyTag? A bluetooth device that would ensure you never lose an important item unattended. A mini device that can be attached to any important possession of yours, eg-Keys, My Tag

My Pin

What is MyPin? A personal tracking solution that protects your loved ones against many uncertain dangers like kidnapping, loss, etc. Tiny personal GPS tracker allows you to track every movement My Pin


Know SECURed It is a powerful anti-accident system that offers real-time driver behaviour monitoring and alerts for inappropriate driving behaviours affecting the safety.This IoT solution checks whether the driver is SECURed


Know OPTIMISed A fuel monitoring system designed to monitor your vehicle’s fuel consumption in real-time by offering powerful fuel insights for your fleet.Track and Trace your vehicle in real-time with OPTIMISed


What is CONNECTed? A powerful Vehicle Health Monitoring System that helps you in monitoring the real-time health of your vehicle and reducing unexpected downtimes. A combination of On-Board Diagnostics – CONNECTed


Know PROTECTed It is a compact vehicle tracking system for your basic tracking needs. A best fit solution for the small to medium businesses that require vehicle safety with minimum PROTECTed