Role of Telematics within the growing market of Electric Bikes and scooters

An increased number of vehicles on the road due to rapid urbanization has led to congested streets throughout. Carbon emissions from vehicles are at an all-time high. As a society that wishes to survive for generations more, we must seek environmentally friendly alternatives to our modes of transportation.

Electric vehicles that weren’t a concept in vogue years back are the hot favorite topic topping the charts.  The Indian Electric vehicle market that was valued at 5 Billion USD back in 2020 is expected to reach 47 Billion USD by 2026. Now, that’s more than 44% of CAGR, statistically speaking. This just speaks of the momentum that the market of E- Vehicle would be seeing. 

However, let’s focus on the Electric Scooter and Bike market here. It is expected that Indian E Scooter and Bike market would witness a CAGR of 57.9% between 2020-2025. Globally this market is projected to grow to 70 billion USD by 2027. And these figures are likely to see rapid incline as the support and lucrative incentives by the government would lead to an increase in sales. 

There’s no doubt regarding the unprecedented growth of E-Bikes and Scooters. Yet the question that remains is how exactly would telematics propel growth in this dynamic market. Now, E vehicles are indeed going to reduce carbon emissions in the environment. But since we are talking of telematics let’s speak of benefits it would bring to your fleets, personal vehicles, and business. Let’s dive right within. 

Solving last mile problems-

Over the past few years, we have seen a rapid incline in E-Commerce services across the Globe. The advent of the Internet and Internet technologies have made it possible to order something from thousands of miles away to be delivered right at our doorstep. While this sounds fascinating, it requires efficient last-mile logistics to get those goods delivered promptly. Electric vehicles have slowly paved its way into the delivery segment by proving itself to be the most efficient choice. 

Having said that, hardware devices when mounted to E- scooters and bikes can offer insightful telematics data. From automatic route assignment to immobilizing E-vehicles through the I Button and tracking the battery drain of such vehicles, Telematics help ensure efficient management of E- scooters/ bikes.  

Further, the largest operating costs for logistic companies consist of fuel. And, nothing’s more important than undertaking strategic decisions that can bring down the operating costs of a business. Large logistic companies and online shopping portals like Amazon and others have started adapting Electric scooters for their deliveries. E- Scooters haven’t become prominent as of yet but they are surely becoming a viable choice for mode of transport. The use of E-Bikes/ Scooters for delivery has brought down the operating costs of vehicles by nearly 5 times. Not only are the companies saving on fuel but also on maintenance. 

Additionally, E- scooters, and bikes perfectly answer the congestion problems of our streets. When it comes to delivery what’s the most important thing? Quick and timely delivery, right? 

Well, E- scooters have proven themselves to be quick compared to other auto vehicles when it comes to delivery. They are easy to mount and solve the critical problem of finding parking in the congested streets. They can be folded into compact forms and could be navigated easily through crowded streets. Moreover, drivers can drive stress-free across the city without worrying about battery drain. Telematics technology allows you to keep an eye on your battery drain guiding you to recharge them promptly. 

Conclusively, the market of E-Bikes and Scooters that was supposed to see prolific growth might see a slow steady incline instead, given the impact of COVID in the market. There isn’t any doubt about the promising future it holds and the benefits it would bring to Indian streets.

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