Safety doesn’t happen by accident. You invest in the ABC’s of safety by ALWAYS BEING CAREFUL. Its because safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.

Personal safety and the safety of the loved ones matters the most. After all, isn’t that the goal? To secure ourselves against the unknown dangers so that we can taste the adventures of life. My Pin is a personal tracking solution and would help you stay connected to your loved ones, even when they remain to be miles away.

My PIN Real- time tracking.

Real- time tracking

Through a mobile application learn the location of your loved ones. Get complete details about their whereabouts remotely through your smartphone. 

My Pin is perfect way of showing your care to your friends, family and loved ones. You can also use it effectively to track your on-field employees.


Create geographical boundaries and get alerts every time a person enters the geofenced area. Next time you won’t have to worry about them lying to you. Geofencing can help you secure your loved ones by being there for them, always. 

Be it your old parents or your children, keep them safe with MY PIN.

My PIN Geofencing
My PIN SOS- emergency alerts

SOS- emergency alerts

During the times of emergency, one thing that matters the most is quick response. With MY PIN, you can get complete location details of the person along with alerts on your phone. All the person needs to do is press a button on the device to activate SOS.

Speed alerts 

Get alerts whenever the person surpasses the prescribed speed limit. Young children and even adults many a times get easily involved in overspeeding their vehicles. Don’t we all know that overspeeding is the leading cause of accidents? 

With Speed alerts from MY PIN you can prevent casualties that could occur otherwise.

Speed alerts
My PIN Historical data

Historical data

At times when you couldn’t keep a track on your loved ones, you can check what they were upto using a playback option. Get access to historical data so that no incident remains unnoticed.