With an increased number of vehicles on road, we have also seen a steady rise in the number of accidents happening on the road. Every day we hear news of accidents that would send chills down our spine. And, such news makes us want to reconsider and challenge our urge to continue driving.

Well, transport is an integral part of our lives and we cannot give up on driving. Besides, the crux of accidents in most cases is human error and hardly an error of the system failure. The casualty on part of humans can be bought down with monitoring and assisting systems that could ensure appropriate driving behaviors.

SECURed is an Advanced driver assistance system also known as an anti-accident system. With its smart human-machine interface, it will improvise vehicular safety on roads.

I'm secured Driver behavior monitoring 02

Driver behavior monitoring

Distraction is the leading cause of accidents on the road. However disciplined we try to be, after all, we are humans and we are bound to make errors. SECURed assists in avoiding casualties on road by identifying’s abnormal driving behaviors. This includes alerts for fatigued driving, using a phone while driving, smoking/drinking, inappropriate driving, not wearing a seat belt, many others. 

A live video monitoring would ensure that a driver is under surveillance, always.

Lane Departure Warning

The speed of vehicles on freeways and highways is always high. In such cases, deviation in lane can cause accidents that could prove to be fatal. Secured is a smart assisting system. It would identify even the slightest of deviations from the lane and would instantly alert the driver to avoid any probable chances of accidents.

I'm secured Lane Departure Warning. 02
I'm secured Forward collision warning.

Forward collision warning 

SECURed would warn the driver of expected frontal collisions after considering the speed and distance of both vehicles. This would help drivers gain control over their speed and avoid the case of harsh braking.

Improvise the vehicle and driver’s safety 

Since SECURed keeps a tab on driver’s attentivity, the chances of accidents can be bought down by 90%. Moreover, the task of SECURed is to assist the drivers in making their travel safer on roads. Not only this, it helps you in securing your vehicles against the loss caused by accidental damage. 

Conclusively, SECURed is here to ensure safe driving practices on road.

I'm secured Improvise the vehicle and driver’s safety.