Technology has become such an integral part of our lives. Never had we even thought of making use of technology to track vehicles before. And now in 2021, GPS-based location tracking has become quite normal when we talk of vehicles on road. For all right reasons, tracking has improvised the safety, security, and protection of vehicles and the person riding/sitting inside.

From real-time location tracking to IoT solutions assisting us in making driving safer on roads, technology indeed has paved the way to unlimited potentialities. PROTECTed is a basic vehicular tracking solution that would help you stay assured about your vehicles on road.

I’m PROTECTed. Real-Time tracking.

Real-Time tracking

PROTECTed facilitates real-time tracking of your vehicles, however distant they are from you. Through accurate GPS positioning, know the exact location of your vehicle at any given point of time. Next time, you won’t have to coordinate hundreds of calls to keep a tab on your fleet. Through a simple click, you can know the status of each vehicle.  PROTECTed enables you to have complete control over your fleet even when you cannot be on road.


Create boundaries and get alerted every time a vehicle enters or leaves the geofenced area. Geofencing is a great way to ensure that your commercial, as well as a personal vehicle, remains within safe bounds. We might not get the truth from a person every time, but with PROTECTed you can know that your vehicle is at someplace safe.

I’m PROTECTed. Geofencing.
I’m PROTECTed. Vehicle immobilization.

Vehicle immobilization

Even when you are away, you can save your vehicle from theft. PROTECTed offers remote immobilization that allows you to switch on/off your vehicle’s engine, thereby preventing the occurrence of thefts and misuse. With a parking mode on you would be alerted if there is even slight speed detection from sensors. Safety is one of the most concerning matters these days. However, with PROTECTed we assure you safety, of your vehicle, be it light or heavy.


Mark Points of Interest and you would get alerts every time your vehicle would reach the marked POI. POI’s could be anything from a local restaurant to a factory. These POI’s would ensure that your vehicle checks all the assigned points, thereby removing the room for any confusion.

I’m PROTECTed. Reports


Get detailed reports of each trip and make informed decisions. You can custom make the reports as per your need. Modern businesses thrive on data-based decision-making. These reports would offer insightful data to power your business.