Fuel is the very resource that is keeping the World on its toes. And, transport has become an integral thread of what connects the World. Well, if there hadn’t been fuel, we couldn’t have thought of transportation on such a huge scale. We owe it to this wealth mine of resource for fuelling the movement of vehicles with its energy.

Well, there’s no other thought to the fact that fuel is as precarious as gold. Or even more so. And, not monitoring its use is only going to cost you bucks, large enough to make a difference. Fuel monitoring isn’t optional especially when not monitoring it could be more costly, especially for your business. With OPTIMISed you can monitor the fuels of your fleet, however large they may be, optimally.

I’m optimised Prevention of fuel thefts

Prevention of fuel thefts

When you own a fleet of hundreds and hundreds of vehicles, it becomes difficult to keep a tab on the fuel usage of each vehicle. However, fuel thefts even to a small extent could cost you lakhs and lakhs of rupees. With OPTIMISed, you would get instant alerts whenever the fuel sensor would detect immediate or unexpected droop. Each drop of fuel matters and losing it to thieves is going to cost your business large. 

With OPTIMISed you can see a 90% reduction in the possibility of fuel thefts.

Accurate fuel monitoring

You can have complete details on a tab, as and when required. Be it fuel refills, fuel consumption, fuel drain, or fuel levels at any point in time, you can have all requisite information through OPTIMISed. Know and measure the actual fuel consumption against the standard set and make data-driven decisions to optimise your fuel usage.

I’m optimised Accurate fuel monitoring.
Reduction in operating costs.

Reduction in operating costs

Fuel constitutes the major part of expenses for any business that is involved in large-scale transportation. When we speak of fuel consumption for heavy vehicles, it is usually in hundreds of liters. Fuel theft of few liters won’t make a visible difference until you have a monitoring device to alert you of fuel thefts. 

With OPTIMISed not only can you reduce the chances of fuel thefts but also regulate its use. Thereby, bringing down the operating fuel costs by 30%.


With OPTIMISed you can get access to three-layer reports for each activity concerning fuel. Generate reports and use them effectively to create strategies that would in turn help you bring down fuel costs. 

For an instance, Fuel is lost when the engine is turned on but the vehicle remains idle. This loss of fuel can be eliminated altogether by implementing policies at the grass-root level. 

Certain behavior of drivers may cause excessive fuel usage which can be reduced by training these drivers. 

For all such decisions, reports could be of considerable help.

I’m optimised Reports.