Tracking and Monitoring have found their way seamlessly into transport vehicles. Yet, when it comes to monitoring vehicular health care of your fleet, are you taking adequate measures? Your fleet is helping you build an income source. Doesn’t it deserve timely requisite care?

Fleet profitability is directly linked with fleet productivity. And, when you have hundreds of vehicles catering to your business at ends, unexpected downtime causes business loss. It’s crucial that the health of your vehicles is kept a tab on. You see, your car engine won’t fail in a go. It starts with minor problems which eventually take the form of major issues if the vehicular health gets neglected for a prolonged period.

Connected helps you get important insights as to what is happening INSIDE your vehicle. This way you get to cure it before it gets worse or irrecoverable. An apt combination of On-Board Diagnostics and Vehicle Tracking System, CONNECTed is here to make vehicle maintenance an easy task for all.

I’m connected Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

When the vehicle breaks down unexpectedly, it usually has a prolonged un responded problem at its back. But with CONNECTed you would be alerted with Diagnostic Trouble Codes helping you to identify the crux of the problem in your vehicle. After decoding the code, we would show the underlying problem in your vehicle in simple terms. 

CONNECTed allows you to take requisite action at right time.

Allows remote vehicle diagnostics. 

Since you cannot be with your fleet everywhere and it’s practically impossible to keep a tab on the vehicular health of each vehicle under your control, remote diagnostics could be of ample help to you. You can diagnose trouble points in your vehicle remotely, thereby preventing large maintenance costs on unexpected breakdowns.

I’m connected Allows remote vehicle diagnostics.
I’m connected Vehicle Health Reports.

Vehicle Health Reports.

Data is a powerful tool and with CONNECTed you can gather sensor data of your vehicle. It would offer you insight into engine temperature, battery voltage level, engine running time, and other important aspects. These detailed health reports would help you make informed decisions.

Advanced engine diagnostics. 

Even minor issues in your engine are going to affect your vehicle’s functionality. CONNECTed allows for advanced engine diagnostics by sending out trouble codes. This way you won’t wear out your engine by prolonging its use without maintenance. Moreover, with CONNECTed you would get regular maintenance reminders, following which you can bring down the wear and tear of your engine.

I’m connected Advanced engine diagnostics.
I’m connected Live vehicle tracking.

Live vehicle tracking. 

Apart from offering Vehicle health diagnosis, CONNECTed is also a Vehicle Tracking System. This would allow you to enjoy tracking features helping you keep a tab of your vehicles while on road.