Optimized driving solutions with Advanced Driver Assistance System- SECUred

Never was it imagined that IoT that emerged as an infeasible dream would slowly undertake the World with its influence. Well, the use of IoT is widely spread and one of the benefits it bought along with is the use of data to prevent avoidable collapse and damage.

The increased vehicular usage across the roads has increased the probability of road accidents due to myriads of reasons. While we cannot completely nullify the chances of accidents across the roads, the Advanced Driver Assistance System- SECUred is powerful anti-accident software. It helps monitor driver behavior in real-time, thereby offering alerts for inappropriate driving behavior. In simple words, SECUred helps in facilitating the safety of a driver and vehicle, thereby making the fleet transport a stress-free journey for you.

The advanced driver assistance system- ADAS market is growing profusely for all right reasons. And here we have these 4 solid benefits that make SECUred the quintessential tool for you.

1. Reduction in road accidents.

Well, SECUred is useful not only for the monitoring purpose by owners but also to the drivers with its timely, useful alerts. Based on the laser and camera systems, it would warn the driver of any expected frontal collision. It takes into consideration the relative speed and distance of any roadside obstruction, thereby alerting the driver. Further, the system checks the distance with the vehicle in front in real-time, and it estimates and alerts the driver for the collision that can occur if the front vehicle brakes suddenly. Helpful, right?

2. Improving driver’s behavior.

Can you recall instances of driving accidents that could have been avoided if the driver’s behavior would have been monitored appropriately?
Let me offer some examples-
Fatigue driving because the driver got too tired and lost sight of the road ahead.
Drinking water and the vehicle collided with the road obstruction ahead.
Rapid acceleration or immediately applied brakes.
A life that could have been saved if the seat belt was worn.
Communicating on a phone.
Difficulties with visibilities.

Well, it’s easy to get distracted on road. But with sensor alerts and alarms, you can avoid road
casualty. Monitor the behavior of your drivers and take timely actions before it results in some full- blown accident. Driver monitoring is essential for fleet optimization and improving driver’s behavior.

3. Optimized driving patterns.

There would be a warning as soon as the driver deviates from the lane; unintentionally. It would detect the lane of the roads to avoid any forward collision because of lane deviation. You can establish the driving patterns of an individual driver by studying their historical data.
Conclusively, SECUred is here to make driving on roads secured for you and your fleet. We are
amongst the best telematics companies in India. You don’t need to stay awake all night worrying about the shipment reaching the designated place safely on time. Secure your transport with our vehicle telematics for the fleet. With SECUred, driving is going to be an effortless ride.

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