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Great user experience is never possible without efficient management. In travel bus transportation, passengers look for safe and timely transport experience, while fleet owners are concerned about optimizing their business costs. This inspired us to create a solution “Travel Bus Tracking System” that addresses the concerns of both the passengers as well as the fleet owners. To make you understand how the GPS tracking solution can be a needful tool for your transportation management, Let’s answer some questions:
Are you aware of:

  1. How often the driver had overspeeding?
  2. How many stoppages taken during the trip?
  3. Does any route diversion happen during the trip?
  4. How many times did fuel get refilled?
  5. Who was responsible in case of an accident?

Benefits of Travel Bus Tracking System
Live Tracking & Alerts
The most common and useful feature of any GPS tracking system that updates you with the latest location. Either you are a fleet/travel manager or travel owner, this system keeps you notified about every aspect of your travel fleet. You can find all your travel buses on the map in various colors showing its status. These colors represent vehicle status such as Green represents ”Running”, Orange represents “Idle”, Red represents “Stop”, Blue represents “Inactive”, & Black represents “No Data”.

Complete Fleet Management
The fleet manager gets access to a wide list of reports in the system. These reports provide insights about trips, idling, fleet usage, fuel consumption, POI & Geo-fence, driver behavior, and many more. Now you can save a lot by optimizing fleet usage and eliminating the extra cost in fuel and transportation monitoring.

Driver Behavior & Performance Monitoring

When the driver is aware of being monitored by the manager, he himself would take care of his performance and employ good driving practices. The GPS tracking system generates various alerts that allow fleet managers to identify bad driving behaviors, improve driving habits and increase driver’s as well as the fleet’s safety.

Bus Tracking Benefit to Passengers

Now you can put a big smile on your passenger’s face. Using our Travel Bus Tracking System, you can provide a tracking link of their upcoming trip to your passengers to keep track of the bus location. This link can be also checked by the family member or bus operator to coordinate pick-ups and be assured about the passenger’s safety.

This is how our solution caters to travel businesses with efficient and cost-effective management. Also, it helps travel service providers to increase customer satisfaction by keeping the safety of passengers a priority.

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