Needs of “telematics” in daily life

There are many things around us that are not visible but are offering great benefits. You may not be finding the term “Telematics” important in your day to day life, but you may realize the necessity of the same when you face the situations like vehicle theft, vehicle misuse, and some other cases like this. Here, we can measure the importance of GPS tracking!

Fuel & Temperature Monitoring.

The accurate insight of the vehicle fuel and temperature allows fleet owners to deploy their fleet in more efficient ways, saving money on fuel as well as reducing their carbon footprint.

Route Planning.

Fleet Telematics can be used to obtain live traffic feeds, allowing fleet managers to change routes and respond to unexpected problems.

Geo-fence & POI.

Firms may use Geo-fencing, restricting a vehicle’s movements to certain boundaries. POI helps to verify if the vehicle has covered all the necessary points in the route.

Real-time GPS Tracking.

It can provide up-to-the-minute information about where an individual vehicle is so that the nearest vehicle can be dispatched to a client as quickly as possible. Vehicle owners also get the live location updates using GPS tracker for car and other vehicles.


Driver Behavior Monitoring.

Data collected on individual driver behavior can also help to give fleet managers a more detailed insight into how drivers conduct themselves when on the road.

Vehicle Maintenance Module.

Telematics can support vehicle maintenance scheduling, by facilitating daily vehicle safety checks and ensuring that all vehicle servicing is completed on schedule, through odometer based service alerts.

Instances of Unsafe Driving.

Car insurers also insist that GPS tracking device is installed as a condition for providing insurance cover (for example: often among younger drivers).

These are the primary advantages, the vehicle owners and vehicle insurance firms get from Telematics technologies. There are much more apart from these benefits, you can know from Telematics Experts.

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