My Pin- The most efficient Personal Tracking System

Look at the World around you and you would see how technology has connected us all. What seemed like a distant faraway dream earlier is today a reality. 

Missing a family member living in a different country? Video Call them. 

Want to hire people from different countries? Offer them Remote Work. 

Want to shop products from brands in Paris? Order them online.

Want to track the presence of your fleets? Track them. 

Well, we have solutions today that can address our core problems quite conveniently. And all these solutions have their roots in technology, the Internet, and Communication. Speaking of the connected world, we now have the means to improvise the safety and security of people we so dearly love. After all, Personal tracking has made safety a priceless gift for all. 

At ANS, we love crafting solutions that address the core problems of people and their businesses. And MY PIN personal tracker would allow you to keep track of your loved ones thereby ensuring their safety and security. 

Let me walk you through the salient features of MY Pin that make it a must-have for you and your loved ones. 

  • Keep track. 

My Pin is a compact GPS tracking device that would allow you to monitor the real-time location of your loved ones, however distant they may be. We all get carried away in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Yet however busy we get there’s always a voice in our head that keeps us reminding of our loved ones. We humans care and the assured safety of our loved ones keep us at ease. With live location monitoring, you can know where your loved ones are at any given time.

  • Secure boundaries. 

Be it your old-aged parents or your kids, it’s quite impossible to stop them all the time. And practically it’s not advisable either. However, you can create geographical boundaries that can alert you whenever they enter or leave the geofenced area. 

By creating geofenced areas you are securing your loved ones against possible dangers. As advocated often, precaution is better than being sorry. 

  • SOS alerts

In times of emergency, one doesn’t have ample time to connect with others. An SOS button acts as a savior as it enables the MY PIN holder to inform their emergency contacts about their situation. Just by pressing an SOS button on the device, the location details are sent to their emergency contacts with an alert. 

My Pin also allows you to place a call to your emergency number and communicate effectively. 

  • Overspeed alerts. 

The common point of worry for every parent out there is the driving habits of their kids. Not only that, it’s like almost every day that we hear cases of road accidents. And, the increasing number of casualties on the road causes caution enough to drown us in worry for our loved ones. With MY PIN you can get Overspeed alerts whenever the MY PIN holder drives above the determined speed limit. 

  • Location History. 

You simply cannot keep an eye on your loved ones, all day every day. But with location history data you can get detailed information about their whereabouts on your app. Moreover, 3 months of historical data is stored on a cloud platform for you to access at any time. 

Summing up, taking care of your loved ones has just become easier. You don’t need to be guilty for not being there around them all the time. Care speaks many languages and MY PIN is just one of the profound ways to show that YOU CARE.

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