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Whether you know well about vehicles or not, being a vehicle owner, you should know about its health. Knowing about vehicle’s health reminds for timely vehicle maintenance and keeps it away from the roadside breakdown.

A surprisingly convenient feature that vehicles have developed throughout the years is the warning lights on the dashboard. Unfortunately, they’re often not so precise and require a trip to the mechanic to find out the root cause. To overcome this issue, there is a great solution available in the market, i.e. OnBoard Diagnostic system (OBD-II): Vehicle Health Monitoring System.

In case, when you are not aware of your vehicle health, you have to depend on the mechanic for every small issue. A smart vehicle health monitor can help you diagnose problems in your vehicle before you have to blindly trust a mechanic with those issues. In short, OBD-II helps you to keep your vehicle in excellent health.

Is it impressive? Hold on! There are more surprising features of OBD-II, some of them you might be aware of:

Easy Installation

Installing OBD-II is incredibly simple, thus, anyone can do it just in a few seconds. Just locate your car’s OBD-II port, which is typically below or near the steering wheel, and plug the device in. Once you connect to the accompanying mobile application on your smartphone, you’ll be good to go.

Live Tracking

OBD-II is the most convenient vehicle tracking device, that not only helps you to see vehicle location, but also allows you to identify unsafe driving, such as rapid acceleration, hard braking, or speeding.

Real-time Data

It provides comprehensive sensor data of your vehicle, including fuel pressure, oxygen sensor, fuel system status, and engine RPM.

Vehicle Engine Scanning

OBD-II is a great option for learning about your car’s status with consistency over time. These sensor monitors can help you know when issues are beginning to arise, so you can fix them before they become larger problems.

Remote Diagnosis

Unlike normal tracking devices, OBD-II offers to help you remotely diagnose and clear many problems without having to go into a mechanic. Not only will you save money on your smart monitor, but you’ll also save on visits to the shop!

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