Key considerations before choosing telematics system for your fleet

Advantages of using telematics are huge, but it’s important to choose the right telematics system for your fleet to maximize profitability. There is a wide range of telematics system, you may get offerings from many companies, but you need some key considerations or some guidelines for choosing the right system for your needs.

Software Flexibility
What if you have to spend your precious time just in learning a new operating system or a new language? If the system does not support multiple languages or does not platform independent, the user interacting with it has to suffer a lot. The system should be flexible enough to run on different platforms, open for all kinds of customization, and also supports multiple languages.

Reporting and Graphics
Today, telematics solutions provide much more than real-time tracking. The system is considered to be the best solution based on how it helps your business in analytics. The software is recommended that shows actual business growth through reports, charts and helps in taking favorable decisions.

Alerts & Notification
The system alerts are a convenient way to deliver crucial information about the fleet or other things. Thus, the maximum number of events the system allows you to get notified, the more efficient becomes the management of the fleet with fewer efforts.

Tracking Hardware Independent
Every time you change or experiment different tracking hardware you have to check if the system is compatible with the tracking device models and other accessories like camera, SOS button, etc. Thus, for saving your time and money, you should go for the system that is tracking hardware independent.

Historical Data
If you want to compare tracking data of two years, for that you need historical tracking data of those two years. Get the system that not only stores the tracking data but also allow you to store the same for the future needs. The fleet managers can also review the trip playback of their vehicle whenever they want.

Vehicle Theft
If you’re concerned about vehicle theft, get a telematics system that can alert you when a vehicle is started or moved outside of its preset hours. Thanks to the advancement in telematics technology, you can switch OFF/ON the vehicle engine using the system whenever you want. Thus, the fleet manager can recover their vehicle even without long legal procedures of reporting to the police.

Mobile Application
In today’s time, if you need to open your laptop or PC to access the tracking data, then you should definitely find other alternatives. The core functions of the system should be available in application allowing fleet managers to get all the necessary information on their smartphones.

System Usability
System usability is how the user gets the main insights easily and effortlessly. The system should be user-friendly and provides every essential information on the dashboard such as fleet statistics, maintenance status, alerts, location, speed, distance insights, fuel consumption, live tracking, etc.

Telematics has become an essential part of fleet management that’s used to increase efficiency and safety. It also depends on how you examine the telematics system for your business requirements and choose the right solution for fleet management. If you have any queries regarding this, you can know from the Telematics Experts.

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