Is Telematic changing the Indian Transportation?

When talking about transportation , we all know how dependent we are on transport services in our day to day lives. After consumer electronics, computers and mobile phones , the next big thing is the ‘Internet of things’ which has connected all of them in a way that they can talk to each other. One of the components of ‘IoT’ is vehicle telematics which is real and evolving very fast.

Real time information and data available in vehicles is brought together to provide rich experiences to the customers as well as the management. From helping in vehicle tracking to helping  enterprises to study data and plan strategies, telematics in transportation has played a major role.With today’s lifestyle where everything is connected , acknowledging the drive time is one thing that one needs to consider a part of everyday being.

Having a proper telematics system will help you in managing operations and helping customers feel more connected.Let us tell you how: 

  • Connectivity –  safety and vehicle reliability to vehicle owners.
  • Protection –  emergency situations.
  • Security – remote door lock/unlock , stolen vehicle tracking
  • Navigation – Providing maps

The need for instant and constant connectivity requirements has paved a way for telematics and it has proved to be beneficial for every business. For more , connect with ANS to achieve road to intelligent transportation.

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