Industrial waste management through Delivery Desk

Tons and tons of waste are generated every day, domestic, medical, and industrial included. The system for the collection and disposal of domestic waste is undertaken by municipalities at a very organized level. However, there still exists a large proportion of waste i.e. Industrial waste that needs proper addressing. Having said that, one simply cannot collect and discard the industrial waste in an open dump field, without treating it. 

Industrial waste management is a complex undertaking. However, with our range of telematics solutions, we can make this process easier, effective, and profitable for waste management companies. Here are 7 proven benefits of managing industrial waste through the Delivery desk. 

  • Trip optimization. 

Through the Delivery desk, right from assigning sites to vehicles, you can keep a track of its entire trip through software. A portable magnetic device is attached to the vehicle before the trip begins. As soon as the vehicle finishes the assigned task, the portable device is removed, only to be used for other trips.

With the delivery desk, you can plan the routes, estimate the time of arrival, ensure the completion of tasks and in a way fulfill the promised commitments. 

  • Saves times. 

You no longer have to go through manual procedures to assign each trip. Through integrated software solutions, you can manage everything with a single click. No longer is the need for prolonged conversations and follow-ups. Simply assign the site to the vehicle that is free and in proximity. Then, you won’t have to crib over being dependent on a third party or delays caused by transportation failures. 

Moreover, the time for each trip can be bought down considerably, allowing you to utilize the fleet for further allocation. With vehicular tracking, you would know whenever the vehicle goes against the predetermined route or takes unauthorized stops. Since the time for each trip can be bought down, you would be saving a great deal of time, even in the short run. 

Everything can be traced and used as a barometer to remove discrepancies. 

  • Reduced manpower cost.

Since most of the tasks can be automated through a single software, the need for additional, nonperforming manpower would reduce. Not only would the need for manpower reduce, but you would also observe a noticeable increase in efficiency.

  • Increased efficiency. 

When management is at an optimized level, efficiency is bound to be maximum. All the discrepancies in management cause loss of productivity and efficiency, thereby. 

With the delivery desk, since everything relating to industrial waste can be managed in one go, you would see a noticeable improvement in efficiency.

GEPIL, one of our biggest clients for industrial waste management, witnessed a 55% increase in efficiency after implementing the delivery desk. 

  • Automated data management.

There are numerous compliances regarding industrial waste management that one needs to stick through. These companies are required to send detailed reports regarding varying facets to the government and concerned parties. Earlier, in absence of proper management and tracking system, collection and presentation of data were all done manually. With the Delivery desk, data management has just become easier than ever. 

  • Optimized bill generation. 

Since everything can be tracked and backed with data, no discrepancies in the bills would be entertained. From fuel utility to quantity of waste and every other related facet, you have data to back you up. 

This would help you optimize the bills for each trip, thereby helping you bring down the transportation cost.

  • Facilitates commitments fulfilling. 

When everything is managed, planned, and implemented in an effective manner, you are bound to fulfill your commitments. Promises are everything in business. And in the case of such huge industries, may even lead to losses in case the commitment isn’t fulfilled. With the delivery desk, your operations would be streamlined and optimized, thereby allowing you to stay put through your words. 

Conclusively, from a macro and micro perspective, management is everything. Be it in any business. And technology is indeed loosening this burden from our backs. Industrial waste management is indeed an industry of crucial importance. And, optimizing the operations of such an industry is the most important task ever. 

At ANS IT, we offer a varying range of solutions that can be catered as per your needs and specifications, precisely. Connect with us and allow us to guide you with the best possible solutions to address your needs.

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