How does consignment tracking ensure consignment safety?

The main factors affecting Logistic Business are the risks of hijacking and theft of consignment or asset during its transportation. On the other side, improper management of consignment vehicles may lead to delay or failure in the consignment that can push the business towards Loss. The powerful Logistic Tracking System not only tracks consignments but also helps the manager to avoid transportation failures due to delays, third party dependencies, improper communications, etc.

The real-time tracking makes a great difference in managing consignments and logistics analysis becomes very easy for the owner with a wide range of reports available in the consignment tracking software.

Therefore, consignment or asset tracking system actually has several benefits for Logistic Business owners, including:

Live Consignment Tracking

The real-time location updates of Consignment truck or van allows the owner to keep an eye on the consignment or asset after its departure until its arrival. It also helps in easy recovery of consignment or asset in case of theft or consignment missing. The system shows the live movement of the consignment which minimizes risk factor during its delivery.

Real-time Notification

The owner gets the real-time notifications via both SMS and email for each consignment delivery process which helps them to take immediate actions for any uncertain situation after the instant notifications of the same event of the consignment.

Driver Behavior Monitoring

The Consignment Tracking Software also provides Driver Behaviour Monitoring alerts that allow the owner to monitor the driving performance during consignment transportation and eliminate dangerous driving. It provides many other safety alerts like over speeding, hard braking, sudden acceleration, and so on.

Consignment Temperature Monitoring

Perishable products must be kept at a controlled temperature, from point of origin to delivery to retailer or pharmacy. Consignment Tracking System offers temperature updates in the form of a chart/graph of refrigerated containers.

Apart from these features, the system provides trip reports and history trip playback for complete trip analysis of all the consignments. This benefits the owner to minimize cost, minimize risk factor and improve their customer service as well.

This is how Consignment tracking protects the consignments or assets from the risk of theft and other uncertain dangers. There are much more apart from these benefits, you can know from Telematics Experts.

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