Ensure child safety with school bus tracking system

In India, school transportation is not up to the mark as compared to different countries. However, a great improvement has been seen in several years, still, there is a lot to improve. Emphasizing safety and security of School children, Indian Government has issued several guidelines.

Many of the Schools do not have their own school vehicles for transportation, and they hire third-party transporter for school transportation. As there is no complete control over transportation, School authorities face difficulties in managing transport operations. In traffic congestion, School buses often get delayed and parents are worried due to the absence of any real-time information.

Almost every sector or industry is benefited by Telematics Solutions.

Similarly, Telematics technology has proven to be propitious in the Education Sector. The School Bus Tracking System is mainly designed to coordinate all school transportation fleet. The complete school transportation and Fleet management operations are made more efficient by incorporating three applications: Manager App, Driver App, and Parent App.

The Manager Application: for School Authorities

The school management gets central control within the System. The manager  Web and Mobile Applications are used for managing daily transportation activities: –Route Planning —Pick up & Drop Planning —Managing Fleet and Drivers —Managing emergencies and notified parents about it

The Driver App

The Driver Mobile App not only notifies the driver about the trip with pick up – drop points, students to pick up, but also provides many options: –Take Attendance of Students —Emergency Trip Planning —Contact the parents directly

The Parent App

Parents get a mobile app for real-time tracking of their children during the trip and get informed for: –Distance School bus far from Pick up point  —Pick up & Drop —Driver details  —Child’s Attendance Summary —Camera images of inside the bus —Emergency situations like route and schedule were changed, the bus is delayed, etc.

Parents are also benefited with many features like: –Customize Pickup-Drop Points —Single App for Siblings studying in the same school —Single Point of Contact for transport-related inquiries

Therefore, the School Bus Tracking Solution not only streamlines the school transportation operation but also ensure that all the guidelines mandated by the Government of India are taken care of.

How your child safety is ensured with StudTrack?

StudTrack have covered all the factors which can affect child safety during school transportation. We ensure Child Safety : –Using Tracking Solution: Tracking App and Tracking devices —Surveillance Hardware like Cameras and RFID devices —Dedicated Helplines for Parents & Transportation —Free Real-time Notifications : School Reaching, Attendance, Pick up & Drop, Emergency trip –Dedicated Control Room with a Transport Manager —All the criteria mandated by the Govt. for the School Transportation will be taken care —Driver Behaviour Monitoring

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