7 undeniably strong reasons to equip 108 Emergency vehicles with a tracking system

7 undeniably strong reasons to equip 108 Emergency vehicles with a tracking system.

It is always the matter of life or death with Ambulance. And, there’s a reason they are called emergency vehicles. It’s because they are always in urgency to rush. And rightfully so. This urgency is quintessential so that the patient inside could be saved. Negligence simply cannot be entertained when it comes to Emergency vehicular transport. 

Earlier in the days, when tracking was still a naive concept, we didn’t had any system to maintain and optimize the services of emergency vehicular transport. However, advancements in technology, telecommunication, and particularly the development of telematics, made it possible to track the fleets in real-time. 

There is no denying the importance of tracking solutions for emergency vehicles. Various countries have mandated the emergency vehicle GPS tracking regulations. Numerous cities in India have also implemented the use of a GPS tracking system for an ambulance

Tracking isn’t optional but crucial for the prompt functioning of Emergency vehicles. Here are 7 undeniable reasons that make the importance of tracking evident for Emergency vehicles 108. 

  • Ease in assigning ambulance. 

Earlier in the days when tracking was not mandated, ambulances were assigned from the base location. This took a considerably long time for vehicles to reach the patient in a timely manner. With GPS monitoring and live tracking, ambulance stations can easily monitor the location of different ambulances at any given time. Whenever an emergency arises, the nearest ambulance to the location gets assigned without any sort of delay. 

This has bought down the time taken by ambulance to reach the location. 

  • Behavior monitoring. 

Any negligence on part of the driver’s behavior cannot be entertained when we talk about emergency vehicles. With advanced tracking solutions, ambulance stations can monitor the driving behavior of drivers consistently. Further, it would alert the drivers whenever they get involved in speed driving, harsh braking, or inattentive driving. 

Further, ambulance needs to adhere to specific speed limits when they carry around patients of peculiar needs. With tracking solutions, driver’s behavior can be optimized, avoiding any chance of casualty. 

  • Maintain optimum temperature for drugs and medicines. 

Ambulances are equipped with emergency drugs and medicines to offer pre-care while the patient is taken to the hospital. Certain of these drugs requires to be maintained under specific temperature. If not observed, these drugs can get spoiled and can cause monetary as well as life-threatening loss to hospitals and patients.  Through temperature monitoring solutions, these drugs can be prevented from spoiling. 

  • Bring down fuel expenditures. 

Fuel is indeed the major part of expenditure for an ambulance operating company/ hospital. With the use of a GPS tracker, routes can be optimized, which helps driver reroute their trips effectively. This would bring down the fuel expenses for the company.
Further, it can be ensured that drivers aren’t using the vehicles for reasons other than work. 

  • Enable hospitals to take timely actions. 

As the hospital can monitor the live location of an ambulance in real-time, it helps them take timely actions. Be it prepping of the ward, arranging essential equipment and medicines, or informing the occupied doctor, hospitals can manage emergency situations more optimally. Patients can receive timely care without any further delay, as soon as they reach the hospital. 

  • Assigning hospitals. 

Sometimes, the patient’s condition may grow critical and they may require immediate attention. In such cases, ambulance needs to redirect themselves to the nearest hospitals. With live monitoring, administrators can optimally reroute the driver to specific locations. 

  • Securing and maintaining the vehicles. 

Emergency vehicles need to be maintained in their optimum conditions. It is important so that the trips aren’t interrupted by any untimely damage.  Maintenance reminders are part of tracking solutions and this would help companies keep their ambulance in order. 

Lastly, it is important to keep an eye on ambulances because they are equipped with costly medical equipment. A tracking system would ensure that the lost vehicle gets found in a timely manner. 

All in all, we can conclude that we need to track Emergency vehicles for the betterment of patients, hospitals, and drivers. It has innumerous benefits attached to it that would ensure that the matter of life and death is addressed responsibly. 

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