Driver monitoring: know driving habits of your fleet drivers

The very common feature in almost all vehicle tracking solutions, the Driver Behavior Monitoring System that helps fleet owners or managers to monitor the driving practices of their drivers. The system includes a huge set of alerts as well as reports that notify them about how the drivers are driving their vehicles during the trip. Tracking driver’s behavior is done using tracking devices that are installed on vehicles with software to monitor and analyze the device logs.

The most common tools are plug & play GSM/GPS OBDII tracking devices, CANBUS devices, RFID devices, and cameras. Driver Behavior Monitoring System shows every single information fleet managers may want to know about driver performance along with RAG score reports. Here are some attributes, the system provides in “Driver Performance Summary” report:

  • Driver Name
  • Travel Distance
  • Running Duration
  • Average Speed
  • Maximum Speed
  • Number of time Harsh Acceleration
  • Number of time Harsh Braking
  • Seatbelt
  • Number of time AC Misuse
  • Duration of Over Speed
  • Non-Stop Drive
  • Night Drive
  • Idling
  • Over Stay
  • Authorized Break

These insights can help them to monitor bad driving behaviors, improve driving habits and increase drivers as well as fleet safety. Here are some ways how fleet owners can improve driving behavior:

Alerting for Bad Driving

Things like over speeding, quick starts, hard braking and harsh acceleration all put a driver’s safety at risk. By alerting drivers to these risky behaviors, fleet managers can significantly decrease the chances that their drivers will be involved in an accident.

Knowledge of Being Watched

When the drivers know that they are being watched by the management while driving, they would employ good driving practices. This automatically reduces the risk of collision due to aggressive driving habits.

Issuing Driver Report Card

Everyone wants to be the best when they are compared. Fleet owners can organize a driver appraisal program for all their drivers and provide them a monthly report card for their driving performance. This can also change the mindset of the drivers about their daily job

Driver Training Program

The Driver’s Performance report shows which drivers need to improve their driving habits. For the same, Fleet owners can arrange Training Programs for the drivers.

The Vehicle Tracking System integrated with Driver Behavior Monitoring System is specifically engineered to monitor and reduce dangerous driving behavior by improving it and also saving fuel costs while increasing safety. Are you looking for implementing Driver Behavior Monitoring System in your fleet? Know more about the system and how it can streamline your fleet management operations from the Telematics Experts.

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