Control fuel cost with fuel management

Either transporters or fleet owners, we have heard from many clients complaining about fuel issues. All the transport and logistics corporations have the common goal of minimizing costs with maximizing efficiency. And the majority of the fleet cost can be minimized by proper Fuel Management as it reduces fuel cost by 15%, decreases fuel theft by 90% and optimizes fleet efficiency by 30%

With the advancement in Telematics Technology, the Vehicle Tracking Systems (VTS) can be integrated with the Fuel sensors to provide Accurate Fuel Monitoring. It offers fleet owners with live fuel insights and also helps them to identify fuel refills and fuel prefillages.

Fuel Reports

The system allows generating reports on all fuel fillings and possible fuel thefts with precise date, time, location and map markers, initial and final fuel levels and fillings/thefts volume information provided. These reports help the fleet owners to analyze actual fuel consumption of the vehicle for any specified period, and fuel burns for every single vehicle and for the whole fleet and also compare the value to standard.

Fuel Graphs

When the vehicle is configured with Fuel Monitoring System including fuel sensor, the fleet manager can see the history of fuel level variations in the vehicle tank for a specified period presented as a graph. By clicking anywhere on the graph, the manager can see the fuel level value and location of the vehicle in detail.

Fuel Alerts

After the vehicle installed and configured with the Fuel Monitoring System, the fleet owners can receive notifications on fuel fillings and thefts via email, SMS and push notifications on their smartphones. The Mobile Application grants them to view information on the current fuel level of the vehicle even if they are not active on the web application.

Using this intelligent data fleet owners are usually able to decrease fuel thefts in their fleets by 90%. Therefore, the fuel monitoring system helps to control fuel costs and also eliminate all the fuel issues faced by the fleet owners.

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