Construction vehicles working hours management

Look around and you would see the civilization growing, one building at a time. The World population has grown profusely over the years and this has only increased demand for habitable spaces by leaps and bounds. Whether it’s an increase in residential projects that could shelter this increasing population or the commercial and industrial projects that would facilitate bread earning for this population, construction is at the forefront of growth and development.

Now, being a part of the telematics industry, we had to find the loopholes that can be addressed using tracking technology. And, as we so often say, Telematics is here to revamp the future of possibilities. Construction or earth-moving vehicles that are used for excavation, work in a stationed or semi movement position. Hence, productivity cannot be measured by fetching GSM-based data. 

This is where we step in and help companies to monitor the working hours of varying construction vehicles using simple solutions. 


Be it excavators, loaders, backhoe, bulldozers, skid loaders, or any other earth-moving equipment, they are hired on an hours and days basis for varying purposes. This purpose could be anything like excavation, digging, compacting, leveling, hauling, and numerous other activities. Now, the issues faced by construction and rental companies were quite viable given that they had no way to track the productive working hours on these vehicles. After all, they didn’t have any system at hand to know how many hours the vehicle actually worked, if the driver is truthful about errands run by him, how much time would it take to finish an assigned task, or if the crew is working at an optimum capacity. 

 As a part of the solution, we attached the tracker to an engine. The engine gives counts of rotation per minute. And this count remains zero when the ignition is turned on but no work is done through the vehicle. 

Now, every time, the engine would be in motion, i.e. working, based on the calculation of RPM, data could be fetched. Every construction vehicle has a different number of engines, 2 being the most primary count. Based on RPM counts, companies can know with certainty the number of hours that the vehicle worked. 

This has led to the following benefits for a company-

  • Increased productivity due to evidence-based data fetching. 
  • Reduction in operational costs and thereby increase in Profitability. This increase is straight incline by 50%. 
  • Access to monitoring the number of hours that vehicle remained idle. 
  • Reduced time frame to finish the task. 
  • Bills are generated based on work performed. Hence, the amount of loss generated is eliminated to almost nil. 
  • Recorded Historical data in case of network connectivity issues. This is specifically applicable to mining vehicles.

Let’s pick another instance.

We are all aware of concrete mixing trucks that are used on construction sites. The rotating drums here do the task of mixing concrete in desired SLUMP value. Now, if the concrete isn’t deployed at the appropriate time, it would get deposited as a layer in the inner drum linings. This may seem like a negligent issue but it would reduce the capacity of the drum to mix the requisite quantity of concrete. 

Cleaning these inner drums isn’t only time-consuming but hazardous to the health of individuals who would do that task. 

This is why negligence cannot be entertained while performing these tasks. Through our GPS tracking, one can ensure that tasks are performed at a designated time, appropriately. 

Similarly, pick any construction vehicle and one would always face the issue of measuring productive hours. 

At ANS IT INDIA, we have addressed these problems with our unique problem-solving approach. We created solutions that are easy to implement and high on the results scale. Manage the working hours of your construction vehicles with our solutions so that you don’t have to suffer the consequences of unproductive hours. 

Get in touch with us to know more about our solutions. We can tailor-make a solution that would address your problems, in an effective, quantifiable way.

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