Does Driver Monitoring help to reduce road accidents?

  • ‘7 dead after car rams into divider’ ,
  • ‘2 injured as truck falls into gorge’ ,
  • ‘6 killed as SUV hits divider’- not something we don’t read about in our everyday lives.

To be specific , India accounts for 11% global deaths in road accidents. The reasons for road accidents can be harsh driving , driver’s behavior or uncertain events but the most common cause is Distracted Driving.

Here’s how Driver Monitoring System from ANS can help you –

What is a Driver Monitoring System ?

Driver Monitoring in simple terms is supervising driver’s behavior , wheel performance and ensures road safety. It helps in eliminating problems like Fatigued Driving , smoking while driving and not wearing a seatbelt and also helps by giving your fleet performance and everything related to it.Not just this , it also helps you by alerting you regarding harsh turns , fast accelerations , heavy braking. You can also review your key performance indicators such as driver’s behavior.You’ll have total control of your vehicle and ANS can help you with it.

Benefits of Driver Monitoring System

With the help of the Driver Monitoring System we can monitor the fleet’s performance in and out.

Some of the benefits of Driver Monitoring System are-

  • Increases Efficiency :

    By providing optimum routes and making deliveries on time increasing the efficiency of the organization.

  • Eliminating delays :

    If your drivers are aware about your efforts to improve the fleet’s performance , they will be more cautious regarding their behavior while driving which will result in eliminating delays , following proper routes , completing the tasks and maintaining the physical condition of the fleet.

  • Maintenance cost :

    Repairing is better than replacing , anyday. It helps you by updating the service schedule of the fleet which will result in saving cost.

  • Customer satisfaction :

    To have a satisfied customer is the biggest asset for any company.By providing optimum routes , making deliveries on time will directly result in customer satisfaction.

Who benefits from the Driver Monitoring System ?
    • Route and Location Details :

      A lot of time fleet managers are not updated with the fleets location and route. DMS helps the fleet owners by providing them the accurate route and location details.

    • Better Optimisation :

      Whenever there is any unusual activity or any unusual driver behavior , fleet managers are getting an alert for the same and actions can be taken immediately.

    • Drivers Identification :

      DMS helps you by providing the details of the drivers. It also updates you with who is the potential driver for a particular consignment.

    • Driver Communication :

      If the fleet owners are not able to communicate with the drivers in any way , our DMS is enabled with a two-way communication facility which helps to communicate in any kind of emergency.


    • Safer Driving :

      Any sort of distraction while driving gives an instant alert to the drivers resulting in more cautious behavior while driving and hence safer driving.

    • Customized Experience :

      DMS helps individuals by giving them the information they need. Be it regarding fuel performance , condition of the wheel or driver’s behavior.

    • Connecting with fleet owners :

      If there is any information that drivers need to pass on to fleet owners between the routes , they can do it through microphones.

Ready to install DMS for your Fleet ?

Don’t worry!
With DMS ( Driver Monitoring System ) from ANS you can get your driver and fleet secured because MANAGEMENT with MEASUREMENT Is better anyday.


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