Is GPS tracking helping the construction industry to be more productive.

When asked about the GPS, the only thing that comes to our mind is ‘Location Tracker’ but NOW is the time to break the bubble and let’s know what actually GPS is and how it has been a major contributor of productivity in the Construction Industry. It has proved to be incredibly effective and is a very economical method.

There are a lot of problems that a construction company faces. Some of them are
  • Poor productivity
  • Equipment Theft
  • Breakdowns
  • Safety Issues and Lack of awareness
  • Poor performance of labour
  • Managing heavy trucks

Technology has paved a way to limitless possibilities and having the right GPS software can solve everything. We at ANS have the right solution for your problems.

  • Vehicle Tracking System :

    We provide services which will help you to maintain proper tracking of your heavy loaded trucks and machines.

    • Real Time Tracking

      It helps you with tracking your operations. Through GPS positioning you can have control over your operations.

    • Geofencing

      It is a great way to ensure that your commercial vehicles remain within the safe boundaries.

    • Vehicle Immobilization

      Even if you are away from your vehicle, you need not worry about the theft or misuse. With this feature you can turn off the vehicle engine, no matter how far you are.

    • POI

      You can mark the Point of Interest and you will get alert every time your vehicle crosses the POI points.

  • Fuel Monitoring System :

    In today’s time we all know the importance and cost of fuel and to monitor it is even more necessary to run our businesses effectively. We help you to monitor your fuel by updating you with every activity related to it.

    • Prevention of Fuel Theft

      It’s difficult to keep a track of fuel when you own hundreds of vehicles and to calculate the cost becomes even more difficult. With the help of our system, you will be alerted on increase or decrease in fuel levels.

    • Accurate fuel monitoring

      You will be notified about fuel refills, fuel consumption, fuel drains, fuel level at any given point of time which will help you in optimizing fuel cost.

    • Reduction in Operating cost

      By alerting you regarding fuel theft , fuel usage or increase or decrease in fuel tank levels – it will be easier for you to calculate fuel cost and hence can result in bringing down the operating fuel cost by 30%.

    • Reports

      With ANS, you will be getting a three-layered report regarding fuel monitoring. You can get the exact data and can use it for making strategies for the future.

Let’s take a step forward in managing our business with proper GPS software at ANS – helping you build a more effective and efficient business everyday.


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