Benefits of tracking solutions by industry

Earlier we have discussed the need for Telematics in our daily lives. But there may be some questions in your mind that which industries are covered by the telematics technology. Or how the GPS Tracking System can be useful for different industries. Either it is a private industry sector or public/government industry sector, Telematics advancement has proven beneficial for all of them.

Let’s know the benefits of Tracking Solutions to different industries:


Helpful to locate the harvest equipment and other vehicles used for agricultural transportation. Also allows you to organize your land and crops, ensuring that each area is getting the attention it requires.


Deliveries of Cash and bank related documents can be secured by e-Lock system, besides tracking them using the tracking system.

Cleaning & Laundry

Fleet tracking can help owners schedule pick-ups and drop-offs more efficiently ensuring that drivers are visiting all of the clients and collecting their materials on a regular and timely basis while managing daily fleet operations.

Food & Catering

Owners and managers can ensure timely deliveries of food with the GPS fleet tracking system with temperature monitoring of refrigerated containers.

Media & Entertainment

The tracking system helps managers to easily locate their reporters and other on-field staffs as well as their fleet vehicles and ensure safety with increased efficiency.


The manager gets the power to manage the workforce and ensures every employee is working,  It also provides task management, leaves management, expense management, and performance monitoring in a single software.


It provides a complete fleet management system to transportation companies with many in-built features like optimize route planning, POI, Geo-fence, Driver monitoring, and many more.


The tracking system renders the precise real-time location details along with the trip, fuel data, speed, POI Geo-fence, and driving behavior updates. It reduces the risk of vehicle misuse, theft, etc.


Asset tracking, Video tracking, Immobilization, eLock, Unauthorize Fleet Usage, Panic Button, etc. provide a great level of security.

Auto Service & Sale

Useful Auto Service companies to locate all the technicians and to dispatch the nearest driver to the customer in need. Car rental companies can easily track non-returned vehicles and the mileage traveled, service needs, etc


Helps in tracking, safety, and more efficient deployment of heavy-duty vehicles and equipment to ensure that those assets are only working when and where they are scheduled to be working.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Fleet managers can locate all the ambulance fleet and quickly dispatch the nearest ambulance to needy patients. Also helps in temperature control when shipping medicines with specific temperature requirements.


Vehicles used in School transportation such as School Bus, Vans, Auto Rikshaws can be located and also convey the school management as well as parents about delays, emergencies, etc.


GPS Tracking System provides insurance companies a quick and easy tool to ensure customer adherence to terms and conditions of the vehicle insured, also analyze driving habits to reduce insurance rates for customers.


Owners can easily track the consignment, cargo, containers and give accurate delivery estimates to customers while eliminating the risk of consignment theft and many more.

Mining, Oil & Gas

Helps in the tracking and management of the entire fleet while reducing oil theft risk during the trip, monitoring driving behavior and ensuring timely deliveries.


For business owners who are managing all the daily tasks, fleet tracking improves the overall safety of the fleet vehicles by limiting unauthorized use, improving driver behavior, optimizing routes and improving maintenance.

Waste Management & Recycling

Ensures all the common garbage bins and society are covered by the waste collection truck. Complete fleet management becomes efficient and every task from waste collection to its recycling becomes smoother.

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