Are your moving containers secured?

If you are sending your cargo only with the hope that it will reach the destination safely, then wait a while! There are innumerable cases we heard of like loss of consignment, containers due to lack of security. On the other side, improper management of consignment vehicles may lead to delay or failure in the consignment. To save the logistics business from these risk factors, various GPS tracking solutions are available in the market. Let’s see which one is better.

Normal GPS Tracker

In order to track the containers in real-time, the container tracking system came into existence and it solved the problem to some extent. Using the same, Containers that are stolen or lost can be tracked in real-time with GPS technology onboard. This means that you can not only identify the fact that your container has been misdirected but follow where the container is taken so that it can be recovered, by the authorities, as quickly as possible.

But the chances of its failure are still there. There are possibilities that:

  • The thieves remove the tracker from the container and run away with the container,
  • Unlock the container and run away with the cargo/asset inside the container, without the container.

In such cases, the normal GPS tracking System becomes unsuccessful and there is no other medium to track the consignment and recover the same.

E-Lock Container Tracker (PadLock Tracker)

Focusing more on container security, a combined solution has introduced. It is specially designed for offering maximum resistance against physical attack and corrosion environment. Combined with GPS Tracking system provides complete security, monitoring, and tracking solutions for your cargo. Let’s know the exceptional features of PadLock Tracker:

24/7 Real-time Tracking

The part of GPS tracking in the Padlock container tracker is used to track and locate the asset or container while transportation.

Secure Locking

Through wireless technology, users can open the GPS lock remotely by SMS password (commands) or ON/OFF button in the android or IOS app. If there is no cellular network, the user can also open the lock by the RFID tags on the spot.

High Resistance

As adopting the 304 stainless lock bar, the Padlock container tracker is waterproof, dustproof, dampproof and explosion-proof.


The users get real-time notifications for each consignment delivery process which helps them to take immediate actions for any uncertain situation.

Easy Installation

As the tracking device is itself a PadLock, there is no need for complex installations of the GPS tracker with the vehicle.

Therefore, E-Lock Container Tracker enables real-time tracking of the location and condition of cargo, assets or goods, providing specific alerts about issues and delays. This is how Consignment tracking offers complete security and protects the consignments or assets from the risk of theft and other uncertain dangers.

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