There are a number of sectors on which the impact of smart city planning and ‘internet of things’ would be clearly visible like adequate water supply, assured electricity supply, sanitation, including solid waste management, efficient urban mobility and public transport, affordable housing, especially for the poor, robust it connectivity and digitalization, good governance, especially e-governance and citizen participation, sustainable environment, safety and security of citizens, particularly women, children and the elderly, and health and education.

The local municipal authorities and civilians are largely benefited from these smart city solutions and IoT helps all the communities and cities in building a congregated network, bringing together these solutions and domains on a single foundational network platform.


Shyamal shares, “The future of smart cities is sustainable intelligent communities where the citizens, employers and the government work together constructively to produce regional energy that can be either consumed or supplied to local networks, using local resources and consumed on an as needs basis.”

These constructively executed blueprints are planned meticulously by the company keeping in mind the risks and challenges associated with the smart city planning like Technology challenges with coverage and capacity, Digital security, Legislation and policies, Lack of confidence or reluctance shown by citizens (lack of clarity around benefits), Funding and business models, Interoperability, Existing infrastructure for energy, water and transportation systems.


ANS IT India Pvt. Ltd has been proudly achieving several milestones and awards on their way. They worked for the first time in the government sector in 2012 and achieved their 2nd milestone by serving high-quality products and services to SMC and crossed 300 marks in a month. The company started serving big corporate fishes by 2016 and the turning point came for them when they got the opportunity to be associated with brand names like IOCL, AMC, etc. through which they accomplished the largest service and support network all over India.

They were awarded the “Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award”, in 2018 by International Achievers and recognized as “20 Most Promising Fleet and Vehicle Tracking Solution providers”, then again in 2019, International Achievers recognized them as “International Gold Star Award for Business Excellence”.

ANS IT India Pvt. Ltd in the future is looking forward to many plans executing the development of a new seamless tracking system by taking the help of Indian satellites. They aim to become a trusted Telematics hub and to serve the Society & Industry with the best comprehensive solutions by fixing the unbeatable safety & management challenges and filling lives with joy and harmony.

“Ensure that the solutions provided can overcome all the challenges and needs of the local municipal authorities, can benefit the civilians and properly manage everything”,

Shyamal Soni.