ANS Fuel Consumption Monitoring for Govt. Swachhata Corporation

As severing telematics solutions to the transportation companies since 2011, we analyzed: One of the major issues faced in the transportation of every sector is “Fuel Theft”. When we talk about the government sector, the ratio of extra fuel consumption is much higher. 

Recently, we got a request from Swachhata Corporation (Pondicherry), the Government Organisation leading in the field of Waste Management, Housekeeping Services, Manpower Supply Services in India. They were also facing the same problem in the absence of an accurate fuel level measurement.

Let’s know more about the amazing facts about the safety features that make you feel protected for everybody and everything.

Problem Faced

The corporation is running with 26 garbage trucks around public places, societies and other places for the waste collection. The total fuel consumption by these garbage trucks was approx. 15,000 liters for a month. Due to fuel theft by their fleet drivers, the client was spending over 30% to 40% extra cost on the fuel of their transportation fleet. It is difficult for them to track the fuel actual consumption on a regular basis and rectify the issue.

Solution Given

To resolve the problem from which they were going through since 2009, we provided Complete Fuel Level Measurement Solution, a combination of our best quality software, hardware, and onsite-offsite services & support.

Tracking Hardware: All the garbage trucks were equipped with the tracking devices attached to Fuel Sensors which were installed on the fuel tanks. 

Tracking Software: We recommended the ANS Advance tracking System (Web portal and Mobile App) which consists of a dedicated module for advanced fuel consumption monitoring along with advanced tracking, fleet management, POI & Geofence, and other modules. The fleet manager is empowered with detail fuel insights in the form of downloadable reports and graphs. The system also sends notifications for every fuel refills and fuel pilferage (theft) to the application user.

The corporation is benefited with data accuracy of 95% to 98% in fuel level measurement.


Incredible results are found after the application of the above solution by the corporation:

  • 35% of extra fuel consumption is eliminated
  • A gradual reduction in actual fuel theft in the presence of an accurate fuel level measurement
  • Overall 3-4 lakhs savings of fuel cost on a monthly basis
  • Improved driver behavior and misuse of fleet

“ANS Advanced Fuel Monitoring and fleet management solution has solved our biggest challenge of fuel management and provided us with determined supervision.”

–  Mr. Ramana Reddy (General Manager, Swachhata Corporation)

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