Adding a layer of protection to your vehicles with PROTECTed

We understand how draining it could be to hold a fleet of vehicles traveling across the states. It
takes a whole lot of effort to coordinate, monitor, and ensure safe travel standards of these large fleets. Ever since, for a long time, the use of tracking devices for the monitoring of fleet performance was merely just an idea. Well, IoT has opened avenues of opportunities in the area of tracking, thereby giving rise to telematics. IoT and Telematics isn’t a distant field of study.

As a matter of fact, telematics is the most lucrative area of IoT.  As tech geeks, we cannot help but obsess over the fact that telematics has made our lives easier. At ANS IT, we have a perfect solution for your fleet management needs. With our integrated solution of PROTECTed, you can add a layer of protection to your automobiles in a negligent amount of time.

Forget the complexities; it is simply a vehicle tracking system for your basic tracking needs.
We have these 6 concrete benefits of PROTECTed that make it the most essential solution for you.

1. Flexible solutions. 

From basic to advance, features of PROTECTed can be extended as per your requirements. We do understand that the tracking needs of every individual vary. That being said, you can curate the solution according to your needs.

2. Vehicle immobilization. 

One of the advanced features of PROTECTed allows you to remotely switch off the vehicle’s engine in case of theft or misuse. With a parking mode on you would be alerted if there is even slight speed detection from sensors. This way you won’t have to worry about the misuse of your fleet, even when you are miles away.

3. Timely reminders. 

Are you still regretting that time you forgot to renew your License or PUC and were charged with high penalties? Well, that should and won’t happen again. Rounding back, with PROTECTed you would be given timely reminders about documents renewal and maintenance requisites.

4. Auto-generated reports. 

Analyze your trips, identify the trends, and mark a point of interest. You can also create geofencing so that alerts can be sent each time your vehicle enters a geofence area. From traveling distance to over speeding to rapid acceleration; you can get generated reports to make informed decisions.

However, the features vary according to your selected solution.

5. Improvised productivity.

Wondering, how this is related to tracking your fleet? Well, take into consideration the amount of time you spend coordinating with your fleet every day. Now, with every data available on your fingertip, you would have ample time to focus on business needs. You would be more engaged in work thereby generating huge returns.

6. Real- time tracking. 

Lastly, you definitely can track your vehicles in real-time without losing sight of them. Remote
tracking enables you to have complete control over your fleet even when you cannot be on road.

Conclusively, PROTECTed is the only companion you would need for your light tracking needs. It’s an optimum fleet management system that would enable vehicle tracking for you.
So have you got your vehicle PROTECTED yet?

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