Achieve eco-friendly driving of fleet using vehicle tracking system

Eco-friendly driving not only saves the environment but also helps you to save money by cost-cutting of the fleet in many ways. When you are driving the car, you can make sure about following eco-friendly driving guidelines. But when driving by your driver, how you will make sure that they are also following the guidelines? Thus, it becomes difficult for fleet owners to track the driving habits of drivers and minimize fleet cost.

Solution: Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)

By making your fleet eco-friendly, you are not only meeting your duty towards the environment but also increasing your business revenue. Thus, VTS provides efficient fleet management and also contributes to making the vehicles eco-friendly. There are some factors need to consider for saving the environment and fortunately, VTS helps fleet owners with the same.


It’s obvious – driving less will reduce fuel consumption. The tracking system automatically generates an optimized route for the trip and in order to shorten the distance to travel.


With regular maintenance, your vehicle will be well-maintained and can reduce fuel consumption. The VTS periodically reminds the system operator about vehicle maintenance and other renewals like Licence, PUC, etc. so that regular maintenance schedules can be followed.


It takes less fuel to re-start your vehicle than to keep it running. The system shows vehicles in idle mode and total idling of all the vehicles which can be used to guide the drivers.


Over speeding consumes fuel faster which means more pollution and more expenditure. The tracking system notifies for every over speeding and harsh braking and also provides complete details of bad driving habits.


As the vehicle tires remain unchecked, overinflated or improper pressured tires increase the chances of road accidents, VTS with tire pressure monitoring system always keeps eye on the vehicle tires and alerts when the pressure does not match the standard value.

This is how the vehicle tracking system helps you to achieve Eco-Friendly Driving in all the possible ways and protect your fleet from many uncertain risks on the road.

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