5 ways aggressive driving affects the bottom line of your business.

Driving behaviors that put yourself and others at risk are toxic. When on wheels it is your responsibility to drive safely- without any distractions. Just because you do not jeopardize someone’s life or asset doesn’t always mean you are driving safely. Said that sometimes aggressive driving traits affect your vehicles more profoundly than your understanding. 

The large chunk of operational costs for fleet owners comprises fuel and maintenance. If you ignore the aggressive driving traits of your drivers and fail to take adequate actions, you would always have lined up bills of unexpected breakdowns. 

Let me walk you through 5 crucial ways that aggressive driving would affect your business- 

Increases the maintenance costs. 

Since money is at the center of all decisions you make, let’s start with this. Harsh braking strains the brake pads of your vehicle thereby resulting in increased needs for maintenance. Not only that, most of the time harsh braking results in casualties causing damage to life and assets. Similarly, rapid acceleration strains your engine thereby affecting the mileage of your vehicle. 

As simple as that- The need for maintenance is directly proportional to harsh driving performed on a vehicle. If you don’t address the toxic driving traits you will always end up paying more on maintenance. Moreover, it’s important to consider the cost of keeping your vehicle idle while they are being repaired. 

Keep your business reputation at stake. 

It’s always one negative that people remember. However proficient and clean your fleet performance may have been all it takes is one negative incident to lose your hard-earned reputation. 

Aggressive driving puts the safety of assets and people’s life at risk. One mishap and your reputation is tarnished. It is therefore important to monitor the driving behavior and correct them with proper training. 

Increases fuel costs. 

The aggressive driving traits have a direct impact on the mileage of the vehicle. Reduced mileage leads to increased fuel consumption and thereby increased fuel costs and overall operational costs. The modern-day business simply cannot work for revenue generation but it needs to optimize the bottom line of business, i.e. Cut down on costs to sustain itself. 

Increases the risk factor. 

Aggressive driving behavior isn’t safe and puts the life of drivers and others on the road at risk. Not only that, it increases the risk associated with your assets. All this would cost you money, reputation and stress. It’s upon you to nurture what kind of stress- stress of reputation or stress of training the drivers. 

Affects the vehicle’s resale value. 

Harsh driving affects the functioning of your vehicle. Not only would you be tortured with increased maintenance costs but at the time of selling them off, you won’t be rewarded well. Aggressive driving directly affects your vehicle’s condition and brings a considerable low in its resale value. 

Towards the end, your driver doesn’t have to be at fault, always. Sometimes, the action of harsh braking is merely an action of reciprocation to prevent an accident. However, whatever the reason may be, aggressive driving affects your fleet business profoundly. 

Conclusively, telematics technology can help rectify such driving traits through accurate and prompt monitoring. Advanced technology like driver assisting systems would intimate the drivers and assist in preventing distractions on road. Overall, it improves the efficiency of your vehicle’s performance. Now, isn’t that the ultimate goal of your fleet’s business? 

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