5 benefits of using Task Management for your delivery vehicles.

Such an integrated World we live in! We live in what is truly regarded as an open economy. Despite being separated over distance, what connects us is technology. Earlier in the times, we wouldn’t have thought of ordering something from the USA or let alone take Jaipur while sitting in Gujarat. Why? Just because it wasn’t feasible. And, there always remained a fear of losing your courier in transit. 

But we evolved or to put it precisely, technology evolved. The telematics industry started making its way for use across varying industries. Transport and logistics being the most important ones amongst them. Integrated with software and solutions, today, one can simply manage, improvise and trace their business resources to achieve overall growth, efficiency, and profitability. 

If you are owning a delivery business, you know it better than us, how difficult it gets to keep a tab on drivers and delivery tasks assigned to them. Moreover, assigning tasks in itself gets challenging given that the number of deliveries keeps on varying every day. The tasks of calling the drivers and coordinating with the clients, regularly, get overwhelming and guarantee no efficient results. But, with Task Eye, we assure you of improvised business operations which in turn would increase each aspect of profitability for you. 

Here’s how you can benefit from the task management of your delivery vehicles. 

  • Route optimization. 

Indeed fuel is going to be a huge cost for your business. Hence, it becomes essential that routes assigned to drivers are optimized and they stick to it. Not only from the cost-saving perspective, but route optimization can also help you make efficient deliveries. 

Say, for instance, a driver is assigned an XYZ route with x number of checkpoints to deliver. If at any point the driver couldn’t deliver the parcel for any reason, the software would reoptimize the route in such a manner that the delivery could be attempted again at a time convenient for the customer. 

  • Easy to verify.

Next time you don’t have to be the bridging communicator between delivery man and customer. With Task management software you can see whether or not the delivery man has reached the assigned location, the ETA of the assigned point, whether or not the parcel has been delivered, and everything. 

  • Eliminates the possibility of lying. 

You can catch the lie if the delivery man says he attempted the delivery when in reality he didn’t. With task management software, you can set the checkpoint locations. The driver cannot complete the task unless he reaches that location. Moreover, a delivery message would be delivered to the customer, and in case if the delivery hasn’t been received, the customer can deny the delivery and the route of the driver would be optimized accordingly. 

This end-to-end verified process would help you ensure that all the parcels get delivered, in a prompt manner. 

  • Easy allocation of tasks. 

Things are bound to go haywire when you don’t have effective means to plan them. With several deliveries on hand, you can plan the requirement for the delivery man, and accordingly, you could assign routes for delivery. A GPS device would do its work and would allow you to monitor the movements of your vehicles. A mobile application would help the delivery boys keep track of their tasks eliminating the possibility of missing any checkpoint. 

  • Reduce the time of deliveries. 

When you continuously try to communicate with the drivers for their locations and the status of their work, they get interrupted. It takes them more time than ideal to attempt even a single delivery. With task management software, coordination becomes easier. Thereby, bringing down the time to deliver. 

Overall, the task management software can help you improvise business operations. Besides, it helps your employees to manage their tasks optimally. At ANS IT INDIA, we offer our fully integrated solution of Task Eye for your delivery business. Get in touch with us and allow us to help you grow your business with our telematics solutions. 

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